Whizzer NER Engine Mods-Questions for the experts

The CVT, is one of the best thing about this NE-R. What are you talking about?
The cylinder can go through many upgrades,and has.
Let me know Quenton,if you need help.
Got one with the 26mm carb, not the 16mm carb.
The AX Belt is to short, hits the bottom of the belt guard post.Can't make any real Adjustment.clutch pulley is hard to pull in for the slip clutch.
XL Belt,for me is a better choice. I can make better adjustments to belts and rear wheel Pedal chain.

2014-08-24 20.30.49.jpg
Call me weird Mason, but I want to but a reedbox and carb on that spring and lifter box!
Is there any hope for me?
"Take 2 Briggs and call me in the morning..."
Thrilled you like the CVT, however I average about 3 calls a week about CVT drive issues. Many are in the process of converting to auto clutch, just tired of CVT problems. Problems include broken shafts[both front & rear], extreme poor take off, CVT not reaching final ratio at WOT, and pedal starting the NE-r. Unlike the Ambassador II the NE-r doesn't have a mounting plate to maintain the distance from the crankshaft and rear drive clutch and is very difficult to keep adjusted correctly. Another issues with the NE-r is in order to pedal start the front belt must be slightly tight in order to start motor, and this limits the front CVT drive to fully open at higher RPMs. Sadly I have worked on many Ambassador II and NE-r models and just happy I don't own one.

Have fun,
Shaft broke because of bad adjustment. That's all.
NE-R with a 1"intake valve,26mm carb.

Just rode me 6 miles this morning.
No ill effects. Kenda flames feel good. CVT...Good, maybe the extra hp is all it needed. Lightening the cam.....yeah!
No Stress for the motor.That was the Gold, from the very start. ;)
Ask me about the other cylinders :)

Important to note, no one has ever been able to stay with my Whizzers, and I hold the majority of speed records [never been beat, ever] on the east coast.
Most of my records are due to camshaft and valve train designs. I have tested over 25 camshafts and compiled data on each, including the "box car" camshaft used with roller lifters. I use a larger than 1" intake, and a camshaft with a .210" lift and lobe centers of 102. My 20" drag bike will travel to 40.3 MPH in 150 feet with the front wheel off the ground for the first 10 feet. Motor turns over 8,000 RPMs on aviation fuel. enjoy pictures


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I like my sportsmans, too much to do something like that to it. Small wheels and 50mm clutch, what can you expect in 150 feet.
I've got all that and some, in this H model whizzer. Cranks Been knifed,and the con rod beam,Weights been shifted.
No, I'm kinda ahead of all that,and stock.