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    As many already know Terry & Audrey McAllister left this world for a better place just a short time ago. For many years they published the Whizzer Newsletter. Just prior to Audrey's departure she turned the Whizzer newsletter over to our friends and avid Whizzer collectors.

    I will continue to write "Quenton's Corner" for the Whizzer newsletter. Quenton's Corner will continue to cover information on the new generation Whizzers [1999 to current].

    If you have a vintage or new generation Whizzer this newsletter is for you! The newsletter will also showcase schedules of motorbike & scooter events throughout the year.

    Here is the information on cost, who to contact, and additional infromation.

    Whizzer Newsletter is published monthly.
    Subscriptions are $25/year for U.S. subscribers; $35/year Canadian.
    Checks should be made out to the circulation manager:
    Mary Kay Reibel
    and sent to her at
    304 S. Lincoln
    Aurora, IL 60505

    Contact Information: mkhansenreibel@aol.com

    Paid-up subscribers may place want-ads in the Whizzer Newsletter Free of Charge.
    Subscribers' business cards are also displayed in the newsletter, free of charge, as space permits.

    Whizzer Newsletter Editor: Carolyn Williams
    Technical Advisor: Reg Williams
    2101 E. U.S. Hwy 52
    Serena, IL 60549

    Contact Information: caregwms58@earthlink.net

    This newsletter is a must if you collect vintage motorbikes & scooters, and/or new edition Whizzers!

    Have fun,

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    Note ;

    Mr. Terry James McAllister passed away on February 12, 2010, I will miss him!