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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Here is the latest information on the Whizzer Newsletter.

    As many know I currently write an article for the newsletter on new edition Whizzers and a good friend of mine supplies articles on the vintage Whizzers. This is "must reading" for all Whizzer owners.

    The Whizzer Newsletter is a monthly publication that helps keep hobbyists abreast of related activities, activities. and includes technical articles that may help solve problems folks are having with their machines, plus other related information, and pictures sent in by subscribers. We are not a "club," per se, but an amalgamated group of like-minded enthusiasts who want to keep the Whizzer hobby alive. There are no officers or business meetings or dues, just people who are willing to write articles and submit photos, as well as plan special events, Whizzer rides, swap meets and get-togethers; this unofficial system has worked for as long as we have been in the hobby (since 1984), and has continued since Mary Kay Reibel and I took over newsletter responsibilities in February of 2010.

    Subscriptions are $25 per year (January through December), which is simply to cover printing and mailing costs. I (Carolyn Williams) format and edit the newsletter, and Mary Kay Reibel gets it printed and mailed out. To simplify record-keeping, subscriptions run from January through December. New subscribers who sign up later than January are sent back issues. Subscribers span the country, from California to New York, Montana to Florida, with the heaviest concentration in Illinois.

    We welcome newcomers to the Whizzer Hobby, and hope they will get the enjoyment from owning, riding, and working/playing with these machines as much as we do. Subscribers will read about and/or meet others who share their enthusiasm and who may have useful information to impart.

    Paid-up subscribers are entitled to run Whizzer-related classified ads, free of charge, as well as have their hobby business cards displayed (as space permits).

    We're also happy to hear from guys who want to "relive" their Whizzer Days, and especially interested in men who still have the original Whizzer they obtained as a kid. The newsletters include information on how to submit stories about your "Whizzer Experience," pictures and/or updates on your projects, rides, special events or technical questions you may have.

    For more information, please contact:

    editor Carolyn Williams, carregwms58@earthlink.net


    circulation manager Mary Kay Reibel, mkhansenreibel@aol.com

    Hope to hear from you. Keep Whizzering!

    Carolyn & Reg Williams

    Mary Kay and Ben Reibel

    Have fun,

  2. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    The Whizzer Newsletter is really a must have. lots of info and is always nice to see what's going on with Whizzers through out our country. Quenton and Fred always have some great articles on the working of Whizzers. Ray
  3. Atlanta CPR

    Atlanta CPR Member

    I got my first Whizzer Newsletter, and it's great. I've read it prolly 5 times. Quenton's Corner is really detailed and thorough.
  4. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    I've got every issue back to 2005 and still read them!
  5. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    It is a great newsletter!!
  6. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Just a reminder, Good time to subcribe to the whizzer newsletter.

    I write articles abouts New Edition Whizzers, and Fred White has been covering the vintage Whizzers. Good place to keep track of upcomming events and rides. Lots of pictures.

    See post #1 for information

    Have fun,
  7. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    The latest newsletter will have the current schedule of motorbike events.

    Have fun,
  8. Mike Notigan

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    I've signed up for the newsletter and purchased back issues from 2010-2011. So, I've got a lot of catching up to do! Mason-Man, Atlanta CPR and Quenton are correct....a must have technical reference for our machines and the goings-on in the hobby!

    Having quickly gone over the issues, I just want to put it out there for those who HAVE NOT considered getting this newsletter, please think again! For any Whizzer newbie like myself, this little publication is priceless with the valuable information from Quenton regarding the New Edition whizzers and Fred White for the vintage Whizzer. Just my opinion, but getting back issues from 2010-2011 alone will explain the intracacies of our newer Whizzers and the many variations on the motors as production moved along until the end with the NER and Ambassador......

    My compliments to Mary Kay Reibel, Carolyn Williams, Quenton, Fred White and others who put together and contribute to this gem of a little newsletter!

    Take Care,
  9. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    March Whizzer Newsletter is one of is's best! Fred and Quenton offer some really great info, the Newsletter also revisits some of Bob Bakers Whizzer Newsletter at times. In February's Newsletter Johnny Johnson is doing a rework on the WC-1 valve seats. He also makes a OHV for the Whizzer. I think that makes it #4 OHV for Whizzer. Both issues will have lots of follow-ups, would be a good time to get signed up.

  10. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    The April Whizzer Newsletter is once again at it's best!

    Quenton has given us some excellent insigth to the WC-1 and things look promising. Lots more to come.

    Fred White has started, (Birth of the Whizzer Pacemaker) this is the frist month and should take a few months to cover. I can't think of any book that will cover the Pacemaker more thourgh, this is history in the making!!

    Ron Dow, Veteran Whizzer Man also has some tounge hanging work he's doing!

    For those who have not seen what a Whizzer Newsletter looks like here's a peek.

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  11. Mike Notigan

    Mike Notigan Member

    Just to second what Ray says here. This publication is a must have for the Whizzer owner.......
  12. thament

    thament New Member

    Do you know which issue last year had the article on the set screw valve seat fix? I sent my check in for this year and last year. any chance you can send a copy of the article in electronic form so I don't have to wait for the two years of back issues from Mary Kay? I am anxious to get this ting to the machine shop so I can get it fixed. Where can I order new gaskets and new head bolt kit? I am ready to order


  13. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    I didn't see it in 2014 Whizzer newsletter. If I remember right, there is no direction. Just some pics.
    Maybe you should get the NE'S cylinder. Be careful, there are 2 different cylinders right now. one has 22mm valves and the other, 22mm exhaust valve and a 24mm intake.
    It's your choice. If you stay with the WC-1, what's your plans?

  14. thament

    thament New Member


    Just try my best to make it run. Found out yesterday that what I have is not a whizzer but a cruzzer which really upsets me. I talked to Debbie at whizzerusa and she tried to re assure me by telling me that even though cruzzer it's still the same bike. Jar some stickers. Pus the biggie, the VIN. I suspect I will just try to get it going. And reliable and enjoy it. Can't force it to be what it is not so selling is out o tithe question I unless I rove all the whizzer stickers and tags and put it back to cruzzer
    I know I won't put as much into it
    Mow. Nunez lesson learned
  15. mason_man

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    Does the bike start up? Most of the cylinder work can be done by you if you opt to.

  16. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Don't give up to soon, just wanted to see what problems you're facing. Anyways some of the solution, not all. Using roll pins, stacking the valve seats. New valve seats?

    You gotta know what you are doing for them to work right. Anyways, best of luck!


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  18. Fredthecat

    Fredthecat New Member

    Does anyone have old Whizzer newsletters they are willing to part with / pass on for Whizzer enlightenment? I'll pass them forward again after reading.

    I've passed along my old Model A Club, Indian Motorcycle and Vintage Dodge Power Wagon newsletters ...now seeking accumulated Whizzer knowledge.

    Thanks, Fredthecat
  19. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Mine go back to 2005,I'm gonna hang on to them for reference.

  20. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    The Whizzer newsletter is compiling a complete set of Quenton's Corner articles from 2005 to 2015 and will be available soon and can be used as a service manual for the new edition Whizzers. Contact Mary Kay or Carolyn for more information.

    The articles have covered the solutions & options for the WC-1 motors, and often show details with photos.

    Have fun,
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