Whizzer parts [SOLD]

I have one used [less than 200 miles] late model NE cylinder. The factory cost on a new stock cylinder is $233.70 for a bare cylinder [no valves, springs, retainers, etc], and the complete cylinder [with valve train] is approx $300.00.

This cylinder has been totally re-worked and includes special porting work, decking the cylinder, re-cutting the valve seats, lapping the valves, liqiud tested, and painted black with high tempature cylinder paint.

Want to make your Whizzer "quick" and powerful, this is the answer. It is a direct replacement for all motors produced after late 2004 [NE, NE5, Ambassador, Ambassador II, and NE-r].

It will also bolt up to earlier WC-1 motors [1999 to 2004], but will need a new head [WC-1 heads have a different bolt pattern].

252-475-0406 cell

$200 plus shipping!

Have fun,