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Hi Everyone,

I have lots of OEM whizzer parts for both the "vintage" and the new edition Whizzers. I need space and need to reduce my inventory. Many of these items are no longer available.
I have NE cylinder upgrade kits [now $466.10], NE cylinders [100% stock], WC-1 cylinders, NE camshafts, WC-1 camshafts, WC-1 heads, NE heads, Ambassador heads, Ambassador lifters, NE lifters, speedometers [dark & light face versions], tachometers [2 versions], chrome racks, wheels [24" & 26"], belt sheeve kits, belts, chains, pistons, rings, lights, turn signal kits, spokes, fender braces, fenders [many colors & chrome], exhaust pipes, exhaust manifolds [WC-1 & NE], carburetors [WC-1, NE, & ambassador], gaskets, copper head gaskets [WC-1 & NE], chain guards [chrome, maroon, black, or red] forks, seals, brake parts [band, coaster, internal], gas tanks [including chrome], flywheels, stators, CDIs, coils, AC/DC modules, wiring harneses, controls, belt covers, belt tension kits, horns, wheel hubs, compression covers & oil breather systems, motor mounts [including weld-in types], intake manifold kits, complete Ambassador motor w/carburetor [$800], tires, tubes, clutches [3 mel., Whizzer automatic, and standard] and too many other items to mention. If you need Whizzer parts, why not buy them from me!

Please call or email for prices,

Whizzer OuterBanks LTD.
A North Carolina Corporation
Quenton "Lee" Guenther
252-475-0406 cell phone
Do I need a battery?

Hi Quentin,
I have a 2007 whizzer with 800 miles on it. When I slow down to stop and turn, and using signals, the signals don't work at idle, and the lights are dim. I was wondering if I need a battery. This one does not have electric start.
Hi Tim,
The alternator on your model doesn't produce enough to run the horn or turn signals at lower RPMs. You need to charge the battery or replace it if defective. On my electric start 2008 Ambassador the head light almost goes completely out when the brakes are applied and can not be ridden at night.

Have fun,

I do ride to work early in the morning at 4:30. The lights and all do work well at the higher rpm's.
This is a new venture for me. I just got this from my brother a few weeks ago. He lives in a very hilly section, also has 25 miles to work. So it really wasn't good for him. I have only 8 miles one way, and takes me about 20 minutes, and it is mostly flat.
So I'm learning! I don't know how fast not to go, though. I keep it around
30 - 35 mph, and it does well. Much more than 35 causes vibrations, and engine miss.
My speedo cable has broken, and I was going to order one from the online Whizzer web site, but I was wondering if I should order a new battery too. I was thinking maybe it wasn't holding enough charge.
Your thoughts? Any advice would be helpful!
Thanks, Conwaytim.
Hi Conwaytim,
If you charge the battery it most likely will survive. Just use a small charger. I use an old camcorder battery charger, but I think Walmart or Kmart has the smaller chargers in stock. If the battery is run down the motor isn't capable of recharging it while it also powers up the entire lighting system. If you charge it and it won't hold the charge it is bad, but in the last 4 years I have only sold a couple of batteries, so it hasn't been much of a problem. If you need to purchase a new battery or speedometer cable, may I suggest you purchase it through a Whizzer dealer because they have invested their money and work hard to help keep everyones bike running, and most are available for help 7 days a week. There are several on this site that would welcome your business.

Have fun,
Hi, Quenton,
Do you have any vintage looking seats that you would want to sell? If you do just post a pic and a price and I should get back to you. Thanks!
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