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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zomby Builder, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm completely parting out the Stretch. Lots of Whizzer Parts. In fact almost a complete bike. If you need anything excluding a motor, just ask. Priced very reasonable. If anyone is looking for a bench stand / motor tester this is it. I will chop the frame to ship easily, with all motor mounts.

    Front end
    DOT round Whizzer mirror left side
    Drag bars
    Front wheel with drum brake
    Gas Tank
    2 hallogen 12 volt spotlights
    New model speedo (white face)
    All electrics with battery & charger tender
    Brooks all leather seat /all chrome springs model B33
    manual clutch
    whizzer WIDE crank / bearings
    Jackshaft assembly (fits into standard 1 piece crank bottom bracket)

    priced at 1/3rd retail.
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  2. Jack_M

    Jack_M New Member

    Is the Brooks all leather seat /all chrome springs model B33 still available? What is the color and condition? How much are you asking for it?
    Thank you Jack
  3. update

    NuVinci is Sold
    Brooks seat is Sold
    Still have the rest.......hurry so you don't get shut out..... lots of interest here, folks are shopping.
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  4. Traveler

    Traveler Member

    I could use the thank and pulley. Also, a rear wheel pulley if you have one. How much?
  5. Hello Zomby, I need wire harness if you still have it. If it comes with all electronics thats ok too. Let me know if you still have it & how much. Thanks, Dan
  6. Update

    NuVinci SOLD
    Tires SOLD
    Brooks seat SOLD
    Rear Hydro Disk brake SOLD
    Wire harness & all electrics spoken for / SOLD
    Exhaust pipe & manifold spoken for / SOLD
    Mirror,Horn,Speedo - on Hold but Spoken for / probably SOLD

    Still have the frame & all sheet metal/gas tank, these are custom built for this frame. Fenders are double thickness & undercoated. No need for struts. Rear fender will not fit stock Whizzer without mods. I have been holding on to this to sell as one unit so that the jackshaft could be used. This is the perfect frame for any motor kit. Especially a Happy time, or the elusive EZ motorbike kit. It eliminates one of the drive chains to the rear wheel, so no need for a China Clamp on spoke sprocket. This frame has current registration as a moped in the state of California & has original paperwork/Title/and is fully transferable.

    Also have Whizzer front wheel with drum brake, no tire. Stock Whizzer front end, Drag bars, Throttle control & Left side clutch control with compression release. All cables. Manual clutch with all mounting hardware. Also have TWO sets of Whizzer Motor mounts (weld on type)
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