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In the history of motorcycling there came to surface a term- "Outlaw," and/or "1%'er."
This stemmed from those few (or '1%' out of the law abiding 99% of riders) that did not follow "convention", that did not follow the "rules" and "acceptable standards" of the motorcycle clubs of those earlier times.
In time this came to mean something very different, very darkside.
But going back to the earlier versions, I would have to suppose that I myself am now considered to be a
"Whizzer Percenter".
What do I mean by this? Well I spoke my mind some time ago, about something that really bothered me, and apparently it didn't sit well with the 'conventional' Whizzer and motoredbike crowd. It has recently come to my attention that this has spread throughout the 'comunity' and back to the Company, and as such I am now no longer accepted.
That's cool, I'm used to it. Sure there were a couple of things that may have been over the line, and I'll appologize for saying that certain people have no business running a certain company- okay truth is I have no idea how they run their company and it's not my concern or business. So, I am sorry for that; but I was very hurt and felt they slapped us regular folks and builders in the face with a certain business decision. Well it's theirs to make, not mine.
BUT I also heard recently of a nasty untruth, a rumor that I need to address- a rumor that has spread like a disease in geometric progression; a rumor relaying false information and non truths that I said certain things, or rather, called certain company owners vulgar and/or obscene names.
This is an untruth, and though I know where it stemmed from, it is NOT true, I did not do this. I will not stand for this rumor to continue any longer!
So here it is:
If ya'll want to shun me fine, that's your trip; if I'm to be a "Whizzer Percenter" because I have a mind of my own, and walk to the beat of a different drum, fine. So be it.
If Whizzer Outlaw is what I am, then I'm Outlaw to the very bitter end.

"...And so for now I'll say so long; I gotta go do wrong..."
Iggy Pop


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Is that all you did ? Where's the bad part ?
Don't be so hard on yourself. They may have deserved it. :D
Well I agree BUT, those who I thought were friends are now not speaking to me because of that so... I'll take the step and call it out-
Whizzer Percenter. I'm outside the boundries. Okay. So now I do what I've always done- build motored bikes and ride 'em because it's what I do, and have done for a decade now. Most of all though, It gives me joy. I won't change or bow to popular opinion; I've not been a follower, nor will I be. I've never been popular and don't care to be; it seems awful high maintenance to me.
I've always been kind of an outsider and I kinda like that, I meet creative and outside the box, free thinkers, and everyday is a new adventure for me. But I just wanted to address the situation, so I did. Thank you for your viewpoint, I appreciate that.
dude i row in the same boat. speaking your mind always gets people uncomfortable and then they will not like you for the differences. anyhow the whole 1 percenter n stuff is left to the MC world. i came looking ofr Mb clubs n i stumbled around your post. and its quiet amazing that how your frnds stoppped talking. anyhow buddy keep riding. better being a lone wolf than bowing down.
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