Whizzer rear stand problems

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Traveler, Aug 22, 2009.

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    I purchased a new stand for a vintage Whizzer a few months ago. I am now at the point where I want to pedal the bike on the stand to start the engine. It appears the tabs on the stand that contact the frame are bending. The wheel is about 1/2 inch from the floor when the bike is on the stand, and the right side tab spreads outward and slips off the frame and I have to hold the bike to keep it from falling over. I weigh 168, so that shouldn't be a problem. I had a pacemaker back in the late 50s, but it didn't have a rear stand. I remember a friend back then could start his Whizzer on the stand. The bike is an old Columbia. Am I doing something wrong?

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    I always start mine on the stand. I stand on the left side of the bike and rotate the pedals so I can get a good downward push on the pedal. Hold the compression relief in for half of the downward stroke. One time with the choke on full and one time with the choke on half way and and it starts right up. Try it out. It is easier than trying to pedal down the driveway unless you have a good steep driveway.
    Good luck.

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    Today, I ran the engine for the first time. It started pretty easy. I'm sure I will be able to start mine the same way you start yours. I didn't even have to use the choke today. The last time today that I started it was only a half turn on the pedals. I imagine that old H engine has been sitting for many years, but it's running now. And yes, my driveway isn't steep, but it is just steep enough to roll down the driveway and release the compression and start. Now, if it was just legal in Ohio without classifying as a motorcycle.
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    Starting Oscar:

    First I check the OIL level...if low, then I add. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    Then I check the Fuel in the tank...if low, I add from my 5-gallon storage can.

    Then I give the Tires a "squeeze" test to check the inflation.

    Then I turn on the Fuel Tap, watch the Filter Housing fill, then mount Oscar and bring the RH Pedal up to about 2 o-clock.

    I'll apply 1/2 Choke if the ambient temp is cool, otherwise I don't choke it.

    Then I turn on the Ignition and turn off the Headlight. (So all the Battery current goes to the CD ignition system and nowhere else.)

    Then I apply the Compression Release and step down hard on the RH pedal, starting the Engine.

    I let it fast-idle for 30 seconds, turn the Headlight back on, and check the Brake Light and Horn before rolling off the stand.

    That's all...


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    Good looking bike Hal

    I like your bike Hal. I always check the oil and gas. Back when I was 14, a Whizzer Pacemaker was my main form of transportation. I rode it until I got my driver's license. I wish I had it now. My project isn't quite done yet, but a photo is attached.

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  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Traveler,

    I am somewhat confused about your stand. It almost looks like a stand for a 24", not a 26". If the "buttons" are aligned correctly they should hold the braces in the center and avoid bending. I use the vintage stands on all my vintage Whizzers and haven't had them bend, but the majority of my colection is using the Schwinn WZ/S4 frame.

    From the looks of your picture, a solution might be to either add a small plate across the bottom of the stand to raise it slightly and help keep the bike from falling over, or cutting the side braces off and weld them back on a little higher that they are currently.

    I also noticed your frame is basically level as the bottom tubes approach the rear cut-outs, whereas the Schwinn frame has the area in front of where the stand rests is lower. I will attach a picture of my 1951 Schwinn S4 so that you can see the difference in the bottom of the frame as it approaces the rear cut-outs.

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    To Quenton


    I bought the stand from Memory Lane Classics a few months ago. One thing I did after posting the question was to bend one of the braces to align the buttons with the Columbia frame a little better. After I did that, the stand hasn't presented any more problems except some binding up once the nuts are tightened. It may be due to the fender braces. Attached is the most recent photo. I have ridden the bike a couple times since then. Does it still look like a 24 inch stand?

    I am getting ready to remove then engine and everything else and refinish the frame and other individual bike parts.

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  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Traveler,
    If you purchased the stand from Memory Lane, then I am sure it is a 26" version. In the original picture it looks like the bike was sitting on a small [uphill] ramp. In the current photo it looks more like the correct stand. If the stand binds on the nuts put a small washer between the special nut and the frame on each side.

    Have fun,

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    Kickstand for Columbia Bike

    Does anyone know what kickstand would fit the Columbia bike frame? Attached is a photo of the kickstand opening. I would like to be able to use the regular kickstand sometimes instead of the rear Whizzer stand. Thanks for any advice.

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    That is the mount for Columbia's integral kick stand. You may be able to find the parts you need if you look on eBay, call Memory Lane Classics or check out a swap meet like the one in Trexlertown, PA this coming Sunday. I see a hole drilled through the frame behind the original mount. Keep an eye on this, as there is the possibility this hole could weaken the frame. It looks like someone mounted an aftermarket kick stand there.
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    Thanks for the information. I'll check it out. I'll call Memory Lane Classics. I looked on their web site and couldn't find the stand.