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    Does anyone know if a 2007 ne5 has a rev limiter? I have read the forums on carb jetting, have the original slow speed jet and an 85 main. Bike runs great, no hesitation and pulls strong up to 5800 on tach. At 5800 bike shuts off, and comes right back on as soon as rpm drops about 200. Does the same thing on the center stand. This keeps my speed at about 35mph which I could live with if it wasn't like riding a grasshopper! I am new here, hope I'm not breaking any rules. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Chas

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    I heard the older WC-1 engines had a rev limiter but I don't know about the new ones. I'm sure one of the resident experts here while chime in soon.
    How do you like your Whizzer? We love them here.

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    I had a poor ground give me the same problem a couple of years ago, if I remember right they ran the ground for the coil through the rear lighting harness, acted like a rev limiter until one day no spark at all.
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    I'm really happy with the whizzer, but I didn't realize that it would be a work in progress since day one. I bought it new and when I picked it up it wouldn't run over half throttle. I read a few forums, and rejetted the carb and added the spacer between the carb and cylinder. Then I ran into this problem, and today the clutch started slipping. Even with all the problems, I STILL LOVE THE WHIZZER!!

    Mr Oldbones,

    I appreciate the suggestion, I did notice that the lights are bright with the key on, but as soon as I start the engine they get very dim at idle, they brighten up with higher rpm, but are almost gone when idleing. I don't know if this is normal, could possibly be a bad ground. Wish I had a wiring diagram!
    Guess I'll get out the ohm meter and start fishing.

    Thanks for the responses
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    the lighting and the ignition are two seperate circuits, I drew my own diagram after dealing with dave at whizzer, I'll try to find it tomorrow, it's pretty simple, I can say mine acted the same way until one day no spark at all, except for the ground that's how I found it, now it is grounded on the engine.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Rumor has it there were several CDI with rev limiters, but most were early units. The following bit of information is worth considering if you think you have a CDI with a limiter. I know the 2001 Pacemaker II[wife's bike & set record in Padacuh, KY in 2005], the 2002 Pacemaker II, 2003 Panther, 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 NE5, didn't have operational rev limiters. My 1999 didn't have a rev limiter in the CDI, however the CDI unit had been replaced prior to purchase. And now for the rest of the story....... the CDI isn't a high failure part, so if the CDI was replaced with the CDI from Whizzer it might have been from stock made at an earlier date. No one could have known the CDI failure rate and could have easily ordered too many for backup stock and might have taken a long time to dispurse. The reason I mention this possibility is because all of CDIs in my stock have the exact same markings on them [were purchased at different times over several years], but when looking at the CDI modules on the 2001, 2003, & 1999 models the marking are different.

    I suspect the units I have in stock are older and could possibly have a rev limiter circuit built in. Although I have never had a rev limiter problem [my NE powered 1950 Sportsman produced well over 8000 RPMs at Dawson Springs, KY last year], I know there must have been a limiter used, because I know a paper was written about defeating the limiter circuit by Ron Dow. I don't remember exactly, but I think it has something to do with a capacitor tank circuit.

    Unless you have an early model with the original CDI, I would look elsewhere for the RPM limit.

    No matter what the following two conditions must be present in order for the Whizzer to fire, the green terminal on the coil must be ground, and secondly the green connector on the CDI must NOT be ground. The "stop/run" switch on the right control "shorts" the CDI green wire to ground in the "stop" position. The key switch "shorts" the CDI green wire to ground in the off position. The green wire to the coil should always be ground, and if not, "fix" it. Another interesting comment concerns the horn, the horn is always "hot" on one side and the ground is applied by the horn button on the left control. Usually the gray wire attached to the horn is 12V DC. If the battery is low, weak, or defective, the horn usually suffers, and often won't work at all.

    Later wiring harnesses used a ground loop for the rear tail light, and wouldn't fire unless the harness was intact. Just always remember the two needed conditions mentioned earlier to have fire.

    Grounds are more often the problem with lights, and if in doubt, run a new ground. Whizzer likes a two ground system, so black wires are ground, and some green wires are ground.

    The gray wire on the horn [12v DC] is also connected to the brake light system, flasher, key switch, and AC/DC module.

    You might try a smaller main jet. Too rich will shut motor off and lowering the throttle position will ignite it again. The most common jets are #82 & #85.

    Also try the tank "vacuum" test.

    Have fun,