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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MoonKS, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. MoonKS

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    I ordered a rear fender, 2 fuel filters, fuel line, fuel line spring cover, and aluminum manifold from Whizzer yesterday afternoon. The UPS driver just rang my bell a half hour ago and the stuff is in my hands. That is practically 24 hours from the time I called Whizzer to the time I received the items.

    Now that is service! Thank you Lisa at Whizzer! :grin:

  2. bill green

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    Hi Matthew your right lisa, debbie , and dave are all great and funny. If you want I can mill a manifold and drop it in the mail . your call. Bill
  3. MoonKS

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    It was Lisa I was dealing with this time :)

    Bill, you are too kind my friend. I am going to give it a go this weekend and see if I can do it myself. I do not have a milling machine of any sorts - but I do have hack saws and jeweler's saws - granite/sand paper - a unibit (step bit) set - and a Dremel...I will see if I can ruin it on my own first before turning to you for help... :p
  4. bill green

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    Have fun with it. If you need anything give me A yell.Bill
  5. peter nap

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    Matthew, your right! The people at Whizzer are great. It's some of the best customer support I've ever dealt with.

    Just a quick note for some of the new people though, while I don't know any dealers that make a full time income off of their Whizzers, their parts sales do help.

    I try to buy anything I can from a dealer rather than order it from Whizzer. It is important to support these people that have been so much help to us.
  6. MoonKS

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    I agree. I didn't know Bill was an actual dealer until it was too late - I already ordered!
  7. bill green

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    Its ok matthew ill get over it.haha Bill
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Guys,
    While I don't make my living as a Whizzer dealer, I don't mind making a couple of dollars once in a while. As many already know on this site I offer a fair discount to members. I think [not totally sure] I am Whizzer's largest parts dealer. Often I have parts in stock when Whizzer may be out temporally. I also have a large collection of "vintage" Whizzer parts, most are NOS.
    I also suggest you support your local dealer when ever possible. There are several Authorized dealers on this site that would love to get parts orders, and the 3 major Whizzer dealers that I know of are Bill Green, Mike Simpson, and myself [If I missed anyone, speak up]. There are also several new dealers, but I don't know if they stock parts yet. In fact I see they changed my title from senior member to vendor. Since I am now a vendor, maybe I should do some "vending". Just joking!
    One great thing about owning a Whizzer is, you can get parts, service, and help when needed.

    Matthew, you are correct Lisa always puts me in a great mood. And don't worry about "goofing up" the manifold, because it is aluminum and soft. Almost all the manifolds I have worked with required a lot more time using manual labor as opposed to the machine work. I will give you a few ideas to help save a lot of time and work. You can easily cut the mainifold with a hack saw, and if the angle isn't perfect it really won't make much difference. Before you cut the manifold see which way the manifold best matches the intake port. Use #220 sandpaper on a flat surface to smooth out the side you cut. Make a gasket or order the WC-1 intake gasket and make it match the intake port. Obtain the current NE intake gasket. The 2 gaskets make the front and back of the manifold. I affix the gaskets on the manifold [use the stud kit and 2 more 10 MM nuts] and mark the inside of the gaskets with a black marker, remove the gaskets. You now have a manifold that needs both sides to match the inside lines of the marks. Use your Dremel grinder to remove the excess metal from the manifold. I don't suggest you use stones because they load up quickly, but instead use the little sanding drums with your Dremel, because it is easy to put on new drums when needed. I usually use 5 or 6 of the drums on the average manifold. Just a couple more important notes, I use 2 of the earlier WC-1 gaskets, and one of the current NE intake gaskets. I place one of the modified WC-1 gaskets against the cylinder, next I install the restrictor plate, then another modified WC-1 gasket, then the aluminum manifold, then a thin version of the current NE intake gasket, then the carburetor. I want to take time to explain why you should include the restrictor plate, first the studs won't have to be shortened, secondly the restrictor plate will help isolate the carburetor even more from heat, third using the restrictor plate keeps your warranty in place. I have had owners tell me they modified the restrictor plate to help smooth out the slight mismatch from the aluminum manifold and the intake port, and it makes a big difference [also voids your warranty]. If you need additional help, just ask.

    Have fun,
    Whizzer OuterBanks [North Carolina]
  9. uncle_punk13

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    I've always had great experiences from the dealers and Whizzer direct. Glad to hear that hasn't changed...
  10. bill green

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    Hi all I guess ill chime in , I have vancouver whizzer , I work full time as A harley mechanic for about 22 years now . The whizzer thing is my hobby and I love it. Like Quenton im also an old flattrack racer.Im in the state of Washington in the north west.I do stock some factory parts and some performance stuff. I also sell at a discount. So if you need something just yell or call . Quenton ,mike and myself are all listed on Whizzers sight. thanks for the ear ..Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
  11. RdKryton

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    Lisa helped me get my titling issue straightened out. Without her help my brother would not have been able to register his Whizzer. As far as parts go, I call Quenton, Bill, or Mike. These guys are great. If they don't have what I need then I call Whizzer direct. They always treat me well. I doesn't get any better than that.

  12. Weedylot

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    I emailed Whizzer about a dealership 3 days ago...nothing.
  13. Dealers and parts

    Hi guys, I too carry parts and new bikes, I take trade-ins and provide full range of service to those who either cannot, or for some reason do not, do thier own work.

    I also assist, wheather by phone or in person, owners who want to do thier own repairs.

    There are many reasons to buy from your local (or even not so local) dealer including (in my case, and others?), that Whizzer USA does NOT have after 5pm central, and weekend service hours.

    I don't see that new dealers would want to invest in parts, if they did not feel they would get a chance to sell them.

    Support your local dealer, unless he is not worthy of your trust.

    Mike, Whizzer in Sacramento, and surrounding parts.
  14. Zev0

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    Ok all you Whizzer gurus, here's a good question for you. There's a lot of us motoredbikers who would love to have a reliable analog speedometer. Do you think a Whizzer speedo could work on a regular bike front wheel? And are they reliable.
  15. Whizzer Speedo

    Hi Zevo, your answe is YES! The largest obstacle that you might encounter would be that the Whizzer drum, as well as the Worksman, have 2 little grooves for the 2 "fingers" that spin the sector of the drive gear assembly. just be sure that those fingers go between spokes or whatever.

    I like the Whizzer speedo, and they are not expensive, with an MSRP of 45.45 and has a very nice odometer as well as being backlit.

  16. bill green

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    Hi zevo One little addition .The whizzer speedo is set up for 26 inch wheel .They are A little off on A 24 inch wheel.Bill Green
  17. Zev0

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    Thanks Mike and Bill. I do have a 26 inch wheel with 12 ga spokes. Do either of you gentlemen have one for sale?
  18. Speedo

    Hi Zev0 pM me i have one.

  19. bill green

    bill green Member

    Hi zevo No I would have to special order it ...Bill Green
  20. Zev0

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    Thanks for the response Bill. Mike has one and I've already sent him the money for it. But thanks again.