Whizzer Stretch ---- ed

I didnt go quite as far as bill sugests with the forks, i simply got some replacement bolts and washers and flipped it around. i made the heads of the nuts on the inside. that still didnt quite work so i took the bolts to the grinder and ground off about a 16th from the head of the bolt. its clear, and it fits, but i think im going to go with no front brake- for now.
Who Done It?

Dave Miller (up in -- or in your case down in Fullerton CA) made those pipes. He sure can weld.. huh?? I bet you saw my crappy welds & knew I didn't done that aye??? I will never be that talented. Takes me a lot more time to grind my slag than he spends on the whole job. Oh Well - I have fun.

I'm going to do duels on this build and hope to make them to compete in his league. I hear the judge has a seeing eye dog.
Mock Up

Making sure it works.

] IMG_1098.jpg Pulley Path & Tension #1

IMG_1099.jpg Crank Set chain MUST agree with #1 in tension. Shorter is much Bedda!

IMG_1101.jpg Final Drive Chain Path is most critical, but easiest to achieve.

IMG_1102.jpg Sneak Preview...

Not gonna Powder till later. ANY Suggestions on additional frame adds or mods?? I could add a 12 volt power adapter/port into the old seatpost hole....Or just cap it. Or ????
Nice progress pics Zomby! Is that 1/4'' flat bar on the jackshaft mount? Looks like it will be strong as heck.

Not 1/4 just looks that way from angle, used 1/8 on the outside . The bearing hangars are doubled up on both sides. Makes the whole thing appear heavier gauge. So I can use a total of 6 bearings, 2 on each outside and 2 in the center bottom bracket. Thought I might need extra because the final drive pulley is a 9 inch.
Howdy that pulley sprocket system is sick.In A good way I dont want to know what math you use for that. Keep up the sick work.....Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
Monarch vs Monark

Hey guys
Monarch Bicycles was a company from the turn of the century and the forks
you guys are using are the repoped Monark forks that are sold on eBay.
Monark Silver King Company. Chicago Il
They made some wicked Aluminum Bikes in the 1930's to the 1940's
also maker of the Monark Super Twin.

Later Roy