Whizzer taking the low road..

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Zomby Builder, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that stock Whizzer parts just SUX????

    Seems that everything that I have on Screech has been modified to overcome the inadaquate stock stuff. With the exception of the front wheel, cables, & rear sheath, all else is custom. Am I just being a Pr-ick?? Or is Whizzer USA become a supplier of Cheap China JUNK????????????????????????

    I love this American ICON. But I want quality! Even the nuts & bolts are Cr-ap. Been replacing everything with stainless. Now I see why they are going to die. I won't buy their down-stream parts ever again!! Too bad for Whizzer USA (I mean Whizzer China) They are out of touch, with ZOMBY. Take me off your customer list.........You don't need guys like me anyways, Right............

  2. mabman

    mabman Member

    The more things we can bring back to production here in the US the better.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hi Zomby B

    it's a shame that the Whizzer's quality has fallen so much
    so many of the getting older ones hear the Whizzer name
    and with a big smile -- memories of the good old days return to them
    this appears to be something to be fading away very soon

    one can only cut down and save so much money
    before getting to the point of -- down right cheap parts made
    we see so much of this in the stores today
    tools made that may only be good for use a few times

    most people that I know will still pay much more for quality
    but -- quality is becoming hard to find -- almost impossible to find !!

    will there be a trend the other way someday ? people may forget what quality was ?

    ride the motor bike
  4. Whizzer Motorbike

    Whizzer Motorbike New Member

    Dear Zomby Builder,

    Actually, all of our Whizzer customers are very important to us, including you. If possible, we would truly appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you in person over the phone.

    With regards to your comment about us dying, we have every intention of continuing our business and making the Whizzer and will continue to try to improve the product.

    Sincerest regards,
    Whizzer USA
    Toll-free 1-877-WHIZZER (944-9937)
  5. uncle_punk13

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    I cannot say much here, as I'm not out to bash anyone, or start a war. I've no need to get into a pee-ing contest.
    As the owner of 5 whizzers- currently have 4 in the collection (2003 WC-1 on the 1905 Mead x-country bike, a 2003 Pacemaker II, two early NE-5) and working on another for a customer- The only one that worked worth a **** was the first WC-1 (returned to the company halfway through my adventure across the U.S.), and the pacemaker which only gets taken around the block occasionally (I gave this to my father as a father's day gift- He's 73 Years old and likes to kick it over and run around for a few minutes on it then puts it away...).
    After all these years of fighting to keep these darn things running, or getting them to run at all, I'm two steps away from getting rid of all the engines, and related engine parts. I like the quality of the original forks on the WC-1 and NE-5, I like the control assemblies, I like the wheels, and the cables, the frames, etc. But the engines and related engine components are an exercise in frustration. I dearly wish there was a quality Whizzer available, but there is not, and it seems as though there won't be. The casting quality has faded, along with the quality of the materials used for the castings. The machine work (don't get me started there, I am a machinist in my professional life and this work is atrocious... Is there ANY Q.C. involved here?) has faded, fitment of parts has faded. I so dearly want to love the whizzer; even after I was 'blacklisted' by the company I continued to support the product, and wanted to love it. But I've just had enough of fighting with these engines. I can't justify spending a grand or more in parts and labor, for a marginal, sometimes running product, that seems, quite realistically, not much better than a happy time...
    I can spend half the amount and get a quality engine kit that will run all day long and through the night should I wish.
    I hate to say it but until the quality of whizzer exceeds my current set-up and is equal to the expense the company asks for the bike, I won't buy another whizzer engine. And in good conscience I cannot, at this point, recommend them either. I won't bad mouth or tell tall tales, but if asked I will be straightforward with my experience, both good and bad.
    Again I'm not trying to bash anyone as I have no ill will or thoughts, but I have to speak from experience. And again, the quality of the rest of the bike and related components is grand.
    I wish them the best but I don't see a turn around anytime soon.

  6. Turn the company Around?

    I have to agree with Rif... I mean the Whizzer motor is a 138 cc isn't it?

    There are 50 cc motors available all over the planet that have more power than your stock 138?? Shame on you!

    Yeah the motor looks cool & for an additional 400 American $$ a good Wrench can get about 5 HP out of it. I know a good Wrench. Maybe you know one too. Why don't you hire one?

    I bought & installed an autoclutch....(OH MY) It not only had horrible mis-alignment but the one way bearings would not engage after less than 50 miles....... WHIZZER said that because this was a "custom" and I had exceeded 30 mph on the bike that the WARRANTY was VOIDED!!!!!

    THANKS A LOT!!!! You got a lot of nerve asking me to call you.... I LOST YOUR NUMBER!!!! PERMANETLY!!! This is a free country so I'll say what I feel. You Can't fire me, I already QUIT.

    I had one of your Ex dealers fix your lousy production model at my expense. So if you want to reimberse me send /show me the money$$ That cost me 100.00 out of pocket plus my time at say 15 bucks an hour so another 150.00 so far that's 250.00 AMERICAN. The clutch still Suxed so I took it apart so many times to "speed up the break in" that I lost track of the time. At 265.00 for the original clutch now I have invested over 500.00 & quess what??? I finally got it to work. Bet you want to know what I finally did to it huh?????

    Like I said SHOW ME THE $$$$$ Or ask your China engineers...I'm sure they can figure it out..........Cheaper too.

    I'll stick to the custom builders from here on out. They know Quality - You should familiarize the company with it too. From the reviews I read & the 1st hand experience that I have had you have a long way back to the high road.

    I'm All--Ready -- Gone... & I'm fee--e--lin' -- strong. (The Eagles come to my mind) This is our site & you will never market your way to the top here without some serious Quality changes.

    Start with a decent clutch. Trial test it before you sell it. If you even have a MC license. I have for over 30 years. If you get that far.

  7. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    just a layman in regards to the "Whizzer"
    notes just as observed from up top the mountain
    notes taken from many statments from Whizzer riders and owners
    a very brief outline

    seems that not many get more than a few hundred miles under their belts
    before realizing some type of changes to MB need to be made
    if one is doing their own changes a mechanical ability of at least a (( C )) should be required
    if one does not mind a lot of time spent in the let's call it -- light repairs garage shop
    the enjoyment of working on something -- could be the one

    Whizzer = a very fun ride when tuned up and running good

    if one wishes to start and ride and ride
    with next to carrying no tools on board
    wanting to travel many miles without any troubles
    the Whizzer may not be the correct MB

    ride the motor bike
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  8. KilroyCD

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    For Your Information...

    This thread has been moved to the Woodshed, but will get moved to the "Whizzer issues" section of the 'shed once Zomby is granted access to that section.
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  9. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Everyone,

    I must agree, most small 49 CC [4 stoke] motors can easily outpace a stock Whizzer, and for a lot less money. My last Whizzer [stock Ambassador] only managed to get 65 MPG, whereas my little four stroke 49 CC motor logged in over 170 MPG. "Where's the beef?"

    Have fun,
  10. Share it Q

    How did you get your Whizzer Auto Clutch to grab a Wheelie?????

    I think I know, but want to hear it from the "Master" Let's hear it Q.... Tell us champ "What's the secret... Tighter Heavier springs??
  11. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Zomby,

    I will go into detail about the clutch in the next day or so. I am covered up in work at the moment, including rebuilding a bunch of clutches.
    I promise I will cover all the different mods at that time.

    Have fun,
  12. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor