Whizzer & the 20th century (A Wake UP CALL)

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Zomby Builder, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. This is the real story... Frank Sinatra called him the (Kid).. He picked peaches in Lynchburg Tenn. for Lem Motlow's brandy back in the day. Rode a Whizzer & scared the locals so much that they organized a search party that never could catch him. Angelo Lucches was his real name. After the depression the Dumb Americans sold the brand to Taiwan. He went on to found the Morini Motor CO. ( alias KICK BUTT, and take names ) Has been traced to a strange group of enthusiasts that actually still builds the legendary 50 cc --legal in most US states as a regular moped. Excluding California for their laws could choke anything over a 2 HP powerplant. However a loophole was discovered... Under 125 CCs?? That has a special place in Arnolds heart..

    Hence the Motor Driven Cycle was born. If you want the real story it's always best to go to the source.

    Zomby Built For Quality!!!

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    but could you be more clear?
  3. Whizzer History???

    Hi Zomby, I for one am a little confused here! Since Whizzer started in 1939 in Los Angeles by Breene Taylor corp, and was sold to an Atourney from B-T and an investor (I think).
    Subsequently they moved to Pontiac Michagan, presunably to be closer to heavy manufacturing facilities. Production continued in the US untill the early 1960's.

    Apparently Whizzer was pretty well put to bed by 1965. Next move was in the Huntington Beach area (back in lovely so-cal again!!!), this product was short lived, and not very good quality. about 1999, the current group in Texas began overseas production, and continues to this day. Currently the Brand Name is still in Texas (part of the US for quite a long time now REMEMBER THE ALAMO!).

    Could any of these reasons account for the fact that I'm a little confused by your post?

    Just a guess, but the Motor-Driven Cycle class was probably invented to have a more clear picture of which motor-cyces were not to be allowed on the Then-New super Highway systems that were being built across this country from the late 1950's up.

    Well, let me know if I'm too far off base,

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    You might want to stay off the sauce when around the keyboard Z cause you are making absolute(ly) no sense. The Whizzer history is well documented and your take is about something I suppose but has nothing to do with Whizzer. And the motor driven cycle you talk about was around long before Old Blue Eyes, like the turn of the century.

    Zomby on dude. :ack2:
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    lol ... this is one of the hazards of the web. I, myself, take ambien to sleep. ambien is a hypnotic. people do all kinds of crazy things in their sleep when they take it. I've actually posted on internet message boards when I am asleep. it's really messed up. so ... I am gonna excuse zombie for this one, and also say ... the dude builds incredible bikes!!
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    Zombie Builder does build some absolutely outstanding bikes so I too will just let his post slide. Anyone with that much talent must have a good imagination.

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    That was just wierd... But Zombie's a cool cat so we'll let it go .
  8. Just a DREAM

    I know it sounds weird.. I woke up smiling. Angelo left the bike at my house for safekeeping. I had to write it down so I wouldn't forget it. The Whizzer folks & all the cops in CA were chasing him & he needed a safehaven. After they left, Arnold (the GOV) said I could keep the bike so I actually went to my garage to look after it. That's when I posted this tale. Of course it wasn't there. It is however still in my mind. So naturally, I have to build it. Looked a lot like a Whizzer, but a lot faster & lighter weight. The motor driven monster would really be legal here. Still a bicycle but have to license as a motor driven cycle.
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    I am with you. I see it!!
    thescooterguy & I have been discussing the "visions". the (2-wheeled) thoughts / ideas, once inside your head, won't go away until you act on them.
    Yes...I am with you.
    Continue to build your dreams. (all your other dream builds have been beautiful!)

    My best to you, Zomby,......& Arnold.....& especially Lem & his uncle, Jasper Newton Daniel.
    I am with you.
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    If you build it, someone will ride it. But don't forget to post a picture for us earthlings to enjoy.
  11. If you build it THEY will come...

    Nice catch Davo!!.. I can tell you've been to the Hollow, or at least read about it. I'm recommending to those in charge, that they accept you as a bonefied member.

    Ride to Build,
  12. Wanted to see what kind of bike the Morini was. Found this site about 50cc racing. Apparently started in postwar Europe combining mopeds with the "need for speed". Pretty sophisticated land speed record bikes. 120 MPH for 50cc. Awesome!

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  14. Dream Weaver

    OK guys, I found a loophole. A law from 1965 still on the books in CA says that if you have 4 or more registered vehicles in this state, (does not specify what kind of vehicle) that you don't have to re-register one that you do a motor swap in untill you sell it. Don't believe me?? Arrest me then!! So the Whizzer Stretch is getting a transplant & a minor frame makeover. This is gonna be awesome. A modified Whizzer frame with a 50 cc (still legal in most US states) water cooled 11.3 HP Morini with a NuVinci Planetary right side pedal drive & a direct drive one speed motor driven left side. Kick start & centrifical clutch, freewheeler so it can still cruise the boardwalks. I may need pshyco-help, but it's gonna be a H of a lot of fun!!! I still have 6 more months of one legged re-hap but I just can't quit now.

    Morini S- 6.jpg

    Build to Live
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    The urge to splurge and build the baddest, most fastest 49cc bike lives in me also. There was a pocket bike engine on fleabay for a couple hundred bucks that was advertising 14hp and I think it was only a 39cc! In order to get around the water cooling issue though I am going to wait until I get my still going so that I can run it on alkie which runs much cooler and can even shave the fins! So motor, check.

    The frame I want to be as strong and light as possible which will preclude the cheap part. My buddy can make me a nice Ti frame perhaps with motor mounts and a Ti tank too. Disc brakes to slow it down also.

    I also want a Nuvinci but I want my pedal and moto drive to feed in to the NuVinci. So a some sort of jackshaft system will be in order? I can't use a sick shifter because all that power will mean I'll need a high gear ratio at the cranks to be able to pedal @ top speed so I'll be using a Schlumpf drive too.

    Gotta go wake up now.
  16. 1965 CA Law

    Hi Zomby, I am aware of this law, tho many others might not be. Prior to that law, EVERY time that a car or motorcycle had an engine swap (wore-out, blew-up, whatever), the owner had to go down, have the vehicle inspected, and the registration updated to show the new engine number.

    Your registration showed the engine number, and cop could check ANY CA vehicle for correct engine. A lot of Harley Riders got hassled on this one (tho some of those bikes were hot in those days).

    As the bodies and frames last almost forever out here, and some of the engines were CACA (remember the Corvair?) there were many legitamate engine swaps, and CA DMV eventually got tired of, or forced into accepting, that they would no-longer be the "keepers of the engine numbers' for the growing population of CA.

    Sorry to stick a match to your Zepplin, BUT this does NOT mean that you can even psudo-legally take an under 2hp class vehicle and put 11+HP in it! Not even in a fun dream would that be even close to legal, and the old1965 engine swap law is true today, when I pulled the 235 6cyl out of my 64 chevy panel, and put a 1978 305 v-8 that was legal, and required no paperwork, same with the Model A when I put the 327 in it.

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    My Friends...To Set Your Minds At Ease...

    ...my pet libation is Rum & Coke.

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    Sorry to stick a match to your Zepplin, BUT this does NOT mean that you can even psudo-legally take an under 2hp class vehicle and put 11+HP in it! Not even in a fun dream would that be even close to legal,


    Legal schmeagle. If you stamp a vin # on it and add the necessary lights and a horn (which I don't see your 138cc "bikes" sporting btw) and register it as a motorcycle then it would be legal. The power to weight ratio possibility of a 40 lb bicycle with a 12hp motor triggers the imagination and will be assembled at some point, even if it is for off road use only and the enjoyment of consenting adults. In fact Easy Rider is already there for the most part.

    Dream on boys.
  19. Vin #

    The VIN # on a Whizzer is the same on the Frame as the one stamped on the motor. So If questioned, I am actually going from a 138cc to a 50 cc. An environ-mentally good thing.

    Not being the biggest crime ever committed, I doubt if any locals will even notice. So like I said before - ARREST ME!! or even easier still - call the Sheriff. 1-800- EAT- **** I'm sure they would give top priority to this crimewave. After I do the time I'll simply re-register it as a Motor Driven Cycle. I think the judge will go easy on me and my big bad 50. By the way thanks for the link Godzilla. This 50 has over 18 HP. Mine will be a street version a little tamer than this one.

    big bad 50.jpg
  20. Keep in mind those big bad 50 type engines have gone over 140 mph at Bonneville. Wow.