Whizzer time of 1946

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    I just had to send this picture, because this was my fathers Whizzer in 1946. He's now 81, great health. I found this by accident. He put many miles on it, and said for it's age, it could really move pretty well.

    PS-It wasn't made in CHINA either.

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    Cool pic, I never knew whizzers even existed till I caught on to MABs in 07. I grew up in the 60s and 70s messin with minibikes and MCs. Haven't a clue as to how I never seen or heard of a MAB, kinda strange to me.
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    Yeah, I really just know the basics about the old whizzers. Uno, the first original Whizzer bikes where really ahead of there time with belt drive. They also didn't use plastics on everything, and where built to last of better quality metal.

    Yes, I know they have been undercover? I even would spend all of my spare time playing with big motorcycles at dealerships, never seeing, or hearing about the older Whizzers in 80's???????????? Now, they are on the come back.....................