Whizzer traded in (SOLD)

Hi all this is a 2005 Whizzer, low milage traded in because Gary bought another Harley, and had no room for the little bike. It's now mine, but I cannot sell it without restoring all the DOT stuff, so I'm going to part it out.

I will keep the complete drivetrain to do what I do, so up for grabs is everything else.

Pm me if you see anything you like, as I will begin disassembly as pieces sell. I do not need wheels, frame, fork, bars, the custom tank, etc
I posted here so people copuld see the bike, as a build, and yes it's mine now, but certainly not my work, origional owner is an A&P mechanic.

I can take more pics if anyone wants to see details.



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It seems a shame to part it out..Why not just sell it and and pick up a new drive train when you want somthing new.. im shure someone would like a nice little bike like that. anyway its a nice ride..bill
Wheels, forks, fenders...?

Hey Mike, I would totally grtab up the wheels sets, forks, fenders. Possibly the wiring harness, controls ands headlamp. Oh heck,pm me a quote on those items, anmd then aquote on the whole darn thing... Price is an issue, so I may nopt be able to take but a few of all that I want,, but let's talk...
:) Rif
yes....it's a build.
yes...it's yours.

yes....parts are for sale. hmmmmm

Where did this thread belong?
a hint....not in the gallery.
Bike is SOLD

Hi Guys, Rif wanted the whole bike (minus the parts I needed) so the bike is sold.
I do have more parts, and actually am a Dealer and can get new parts, thanks again: