whizzer wc-1 drive belt ax29 too big, what gives?

In your pics I don't see the clutch arm spring
It looks like this and attaches to the frame where ya see it in the pic

thank you for the reply. and yes i believe this is one of the whizzers that was produced from 1999 to 2004. i made two little youtube videos of me working on it to show my friend. see below links if you could help me identify that this is indeed the model with wonky clutch arm. i can also take more pictures if that would help.

I must tell you I never had a slip clutch I've always used an Auto Clutch

OK ya got the spring and BTW your fuel line is too short and looks kinked.

You shouldn't need that belt tensioner. It's probably interfering with the slip clutch operation
IDK try using it on the bottom twords the rear ?

Try this V belt from Napa it's the correct belt they used in the factory
Those AX belts can be a little longer because of the notches It lets the belt curve more around small pulleys

You must make sure ya don't have an oddball clutch arm and your mounting hole spacing is 2 1/2"

To tighten the front belt you slide the engine forward, this can take out a whole inch of slack,
take off the rear belt first

It's up to you to adjust your clutch cable properly and make sure everything aligned,
Get rid of that belt tensioner and get the right size belt. You need to have your belt guard on, there's a metal bracket on the inside that helps to keep the primary belt loose when you pull in the clutch lever.
Getting it adjusted to work right takes some practice be patient.