Whizzer won't Fire

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    I'm all ready to fire up the 2000 whizzer but there is one problem, it has no spark.........Things I have checked...ignition switch, inline fuse, run switch and new sparkplug.....in order to check for spark I made a tool that fits in my 1/2" battery drill motor to spin the flywheel (primary belt is off) in a cc rotation while the sparkplug is out of the head and grounded. The battery is dead, it won't take a charge, I figure the battery is for lights and horn and has nothing to do with the ignition system, is this right?

    Is there a way to check the CDI or coil for resistance, voltage or am I on the wrong track....thanks

  2. No spark Whizzer

    Hi, make sure your tailite wiring is plugged in good and tight, seperate the plug, and plug in again for good contact.

    Some people might think I'm crazy to tell you this, BUT, there are 2 ground loops in the Whizzer wiring loom, and the ONLY place they join is about 2-3 inches toward the engine, in the taillitght loom.

    Disconnect the dead battery, the engine does not need it, and if it were "dead short" inside, it could stop spark.

    Now, you can unscrew the spark plug wire from the cap, and coil and snip off 1/4 inch and screw those back together to be sure of good connections. Your coil plugs in with 2 wires to the cdi, check that, the cdi plugs into the loom 2 wires check that.

    Kill switch has 2 wires, important that one is not grounded, check that behind headlamp.

    If non of this fixes it, I would then begin to substitute "Golden"(known-good) components.

    Whizzers components have been very good, I've had NO failures with them.

    The Wiring loom is kooky, but works very well, I've had no INTERNAL failures with it, but the steering stop can cut some of the front wiring in two.

    Let me know.

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    Got Spark !!!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.......and it's running too. The problem was with the kill switch wiring, I seperated the two wires from the switch and I had spark. I used shrink tubing on each wire and left the switch off, a few minutes later I had this whizzer running for the first time in six years. What a great feeling this was to see and hear this bike running, you really know your stuff Motorbikemike, I would never have looked at that switch and you made an old man very happy............. again THANK YOU. Whizzer 58
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    motorbikemike really does know his stuff- i had the same problem with my bike, but a quick call to him solved my problems!
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    howdy great call mike I LOVE the smell of A Whizzer running morning Bill Green
  6. Good News about your bike

    Hi, I'm glad that you were able to fix your bike. These are great little machines, but there are a few little things that need to be known, and are not easily seen, like that silly taillite wiring crossover.

    Good luck with it, and if you need help, please feel free to ask.

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    Funny my 1999 will not fire and did find two wires showing ground which really threw me for a loop. There has to be a wiring diagram out by now for these machines.
    Does not have to show wire colors just what each wire does a line drawing would do the trick we could add the colors on our own hand drawn diagram.

    The biggest thing is not knowing how the vital components are wired together starting from the Ignition switch, kill switch, CDI, Coil,etc.
    The 6 connections on the CDI are the biggest mystery,most ignition coils have a positive and negative terminal how do they connect into the CDI?

    Mike Ross