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    Latest Project Progress: This is my project I've presently been working for a couple weeks. 1949 schwinn locking fork springer with a 1945 whizzer engine. The frame has been stripped and painted, engine detailed. Waiting for a few more parts to arrive in the mail to complete the whiz.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    It's gonna be good......
  3. frizzy

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    Latest pic, taken today.

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  5. frizzy

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    Nice weather here today, so I painted the tank. Getting there, almost done.

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  6. frizzy

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    Whizzer completed

    All finished and running great. Attached are the latest pictures.

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  7. MaxGlide

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    That is beeeeeUtiful!! Well done!

    May I suggest a front brake for safety?

  8. Paula

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    Wow, that is nice! I love the color. Congratulations!

  9. tprjj49707

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    What did you polish the cam cover with? The whole thing looks too nice to take outdoors.
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    What a fun project! Beautiful results! - - Dixon