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May 13, 2008
Opelika, Alabama
I just got a 98 Nc1 that needs everything! I have done an oil change,am in the process of trying to adjust belts, and generaly tighten all loose fasteners. This forum has been a great help,Thank You to all that post here.
Whizz on!
Hi Gary.
Please go over to the Intro Forum and tell us a little about yourself. Congrats on the Whizzer. You will find a lot of very good info here. We love pictures too. If you can, please post some pictures in the Gallery Forum.

Hey Grumpy,
If you need any parts, I have them, and I offer a discount to members of this site. Please check with other members about my services and reduced prices.

have fun,
Whizzer OuterBanks
Hi Grumpy.

I'd like to throw in my endorsement for Quenton.

I haven't ordered from him yet because he did not have the one part I have looked for so far. He did answer my PM and when I called, he took time to talk about the part and the bike in general. The only dealer I found with the part, won't even return PM's.

The dealers don't make much on these things so I think it's important to support the ones that take time answer questions, quote prices and help with issues you may have.

You can also order parts directly from Whizzer, but again, if you can get the same part from the dealers at the same price, I like to support the dealers.