Whizzing around the TT course,

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    Hi all, Last week myself and 21 others on various mopeds went on trip to the Isle of Man. I went on my '98 Cruzzer....with some mods to aid reliability....the only one, as there aren't many in the UK.
    We did the 37.5 mile TT course in around 6hrs, but we had a few stops....ARE bike museum, Jurby junk shop, food in Ramsey.
    It was running well until I hit the hill out of Ramsey, past the hairpin and that was it....down to 15mph and no strength left to pedal, so I had to push uphill for about 1/2 mile :sweatdrop:with everyone laughing. Once it levelled out, I got going again, overtaking some of the slower bikes...now who's laughing, until the drop down to Creg ny Baa where it reached 50mph on the speedo....great stuff, but braking is another matter, with the feeble front brake and the coaster rear....you can imagine.
    The following day, we had some rain early on which caused the drive belt to slip, so I was limited to 1/4 throttle, which meant more pushing until the roads dried out, but great fun all the same.
    I think we may go to the Netherlands next year...:idea:..no hills.

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    sounds great

    please post some pictures if you can
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    Hi, I'll try next week....away again in the morning, back Sunday night.
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