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    Are you a grandparent-killing-child-murdering-woman-hating-racist-uncaring-lowlife-conservative?

    Or are you a fear-mongering-power-grabbing-money-hungry-elitist-freedom-hating-fetus-killing-liberal?

  2. Stan4d

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    There is a third option which I consider my self a part of: a "Carlinist"

    George Carlin - Brain Droppings (1997)
    I frankly don't give a **** how it all turns out in this country - or anywhere else for that matter. I think the human game was up a long time ago (when the high priests and traders took over), and now we're just playing out the string. And that is, of course, precisely what I find so amusing: the slow circling of the drain by a once promising species...
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    George Carlin was one of the most brilliant commentators on, and perceivers of, the human condition to ever live. His words on social organization, on religion, on government, on human perversity and stupidity, and the thing he perhaps despised most - willful ignorance - are treasures.
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    I'm a resource destructionist.

    As necessity is the mother of invention, it is due to that there is no NECESSITY for people to develop perpetual motion machines, self sustaining machinery, and major increases in electric transportation.

    Light the oil fields on fire and speed up the inevitable so we can FORCE people to start thinking outside the box and get some new era engineering going on.