Who besides BoyGoFast Sells...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Skyliner70cc, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Who besides BGF on fleabay sells engines with the dual start centrifugal clutch engine kit?

    I'd like something better built than a BGF product with better support and a warranty.

    Bikeberry or Dax, are you folks listening?

  2. POPS

    POPS Member

    They sell the parts to convert...POPS
  3. spunout

    spunout Member

    :eek:fftopic: somebody needs to come up with an electric start system :eek:fftopic:
  4. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    They already did. Dunno about with HT engines... but the knock-off Mitsu TLE43 came with an electric starter, and it was dirt cheap.

    I really shoulda bought one of those. Anybody know where I could still get one from?