Who has gearboxes for Honda knock-off 4strokes?

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by spunout, Mar 22, 2008.

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    a friend of mine (no internet) has a Grubee gearbox thats making a heck of a racket, and doesnt want another from them. and doesnt want one from Spooky.
    his is the Honda 'copy' frame mount GT500 or something.
    new or used.
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    excellent, oscully. thanks!
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    I purchased the above kit in Nov 2008, installed it on a new Honda GX50 from small engine warehouse. I removed the govenor and the engine runs strong. The stage 3 gear box in very noisy. Tried all the lubericants suggested here on the fourm to no avail. I have put the bike aside and am riding my CH-80 until I get a solution to the problem. I can't believe the box will last long making that kind of noise. Has anyone ever used a Stanton gearbox wih centrifugal clutch on a Honda GX 50 frame mount for chain drive. Sounds like they have a fully USA machined gearbox with lifetime warranty. If they want sell it separately, then who manufactures it for them. That comes to another question, I thought people in this business were user friendly to each other, why not sell any part separately? Most people can't afford to buy a a whole new kit every time you want to upgrade something. I guess it all comes down to the bottom line, profits.
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    Staton Inc does sell their gearbox separately http://www.staton-inc.com/Details.asp?ProductID=2362 But to fit it up to the GXH50 requires a bit of expense. The Gearbox is $210.00 then you need an adapter thats an additional $55.00, and the clutch which is another $60.00. EZ Motorbike/Quenton Gunther has a new system that seems to be coming to market soon ?, That lots of folks are eagerly waiting for, but no announced date for actual availability or pricing. Then theres always building your own custom drive train but again this route tends to get expensive very quickly.

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    I guess the only ones who know the actual wholesale/retail on the EZMb kits are the proposed dealers....Hmmmm!
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    Thanks....I dint see the post and didnt want to mention any numbers till it was posted by QG himself.