Who has made Sound Dampenesr ?

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    PAPAROACH Member

    Are the Engine sound dampeners worth a ****? They look very cheap on SickBikeParts.com . Does anyone know what they are made of or made them ?

  2. Dave C

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    I got them. They are mylar-faced plastic elastomer. It's a strechy plastic sound deadner that stops the flat surfaces from resonating cutting the noise they make.

    It's just a cruddy photo of a good product ;)
  3. spad4me

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    Some people use cardboard glued to the inside of the clutch cover.
    I used carpet remnants glued to the outside of the clutch cover.
  4. retromike3

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    sound of gears

    I used a cardboard cut out and a spray-can of contact cement(cost about four bucks) and it worked really good on my old ride. I think I will try it on my new motor when I get to the point when that is all I am worrying about.(I still have a full can of sticky left)

    I have heard of mouse pads being used also, But I think that is too spendy for my taste.

  5. Pablo

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    Here's our blurb:

    The deadening material is very dense. Nothing like cardboard or mouse pad. To my feel and ears they work. The material is very gooey and sticky - but flows just enough when sticking in place.

    Yeah sometimes my photos suck. Haven't had time to snap a better one. We sell a lot of the dampeners and people are happy with them. We took this line on in January and quickly became their #1 retailer. I think that deserves a better photo :jester::bowdown: Anyway, good, bad, or indifferent - let's see some feedback on them.

    Bad photo (max it out) on an oak table (you can at least see the shapes):

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  6. Dave C

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    hehehe, they actually look better in that photo.:cool:

    Even though I haven't run the motor yet I am pretty sure they will do the job. You can tell that when you tap it and instead of a metallic sound it just sounds dead.

    I discovered that 1 of the 3 pins in the clutch sticks up higher than the others so I cut the center out a little bigger because the pin was dragging on the material and I didn't want it to ball up and jam the gear:ack2:

    PAPAROACH Member

    Thanks for the awesome replies. I will buy them from the Sick Bike Dude now that i have a idea on there effectiveness.
  8. technomancer

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    yeah. ive got a set on the way myself.

    i mean it wouldnt take too much to deaden my engine sounds, because i think i got lucky on the "motor lottery" and got a good one.
    everything seems balanced and and solid in it. very little engine tapping..
    i was honestly surprised; other than the bike it's self being a rough ride with no suspension, the engine hardly vibrates like i'd expect it to.

    None-the-less. im all for quietening down the noise as much as possible.
    and im sure these will work for me. but i'll let you know if they dont... otherwise i will probably forget i even posted this :jester: