Who has the fastest top speed?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by shawnshank, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. shawnshank

    shawnshank Member

    Think you've got the fastest bike around?
    Reply here with details. Pics encouraged.

  2. kawasaki999

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    Show your speed and pic!
  3. wildemere

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    I pulled 43.75mph @ 6500rpm on my 3 speed shifter bike...

    Engine is still new and stock.

    I still have to port the barrel, fit an expansion chamber and install a 19mm Dellorto

    Should pull another few MPH then!

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  4. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    52.9 mph 13,200 rpms. gp-460 motor.

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  5. veloman

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    lol you guys are funny. Every motor bike I see, there is so much improvement to be made for better speed.

    1) You're riding knobbie tires. Are you serious? That's eating 10% of your speed right there.

    2) How many of you wear tight, aerodynamic clothing? TONS of speed to gain there.

    3) Riding position. These bikes have you sitting upright. You might as well be pulling a parachute.

    Here's some food for thought. It only takes 500watts for the average aerodynamic road cyclist to hold 30mph on flat ground. (Not that that's easy to pedal!!)

    800watts for 40mph, and so on. Although to get to 40, a rider would need to hold over 1000watts for 12-15+ seconds.

    Point is, get slick tires, get tight aero clothing, and tuck yourself IN and LOW when going for speed!

    Experiment with gear ratios too.
  6. shawnshank

    shawnshank Member

    Nice looking ride.
  7. Pablo

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  8. SirJakesus

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    You people are craaaazy!

    But it's you're skin not mine so rockon!
    I gotta get me one of those GP460's for extreme nastiness on the NuVinci.
  9. Impressive speeds! One thing i find hard to beleive is "Which speed is right" ... for example, i've tested my speed using: GPS, Bike speedo, and the "Your speed is" road sign .. all say different things!!

    GPS: 25
    Speedo: Hops erratically between 10 and 50 (somethings really wrong with it)
    Speed sign: 32

    So personally i'm sceptical of bike speedos, the electro magnetic intereference that the bike creates can often trick the speedo into crazy stuff ..

    So is GPS the most accurate? providing youre doing a constant speed for an amount of time on a straight road?
  10. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    My gps and my calibrated bike speedometer, read the same, and when I pass the radar it reads the same, when I put the gps in my truck car its reads the same soo must be ok.
  11. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    The GPS will be the most accurate.
  12. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    Pablo, 13,200 and running amsoil saber at 75:1 :grin:
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  13. Pablo

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    I just khrapped myself. :shock::eek::grin:
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  14. Gimmick

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    dangit, i hit 41.8 mph the otherday on my schwinn heavy duti with an andyinchville 34t sprocket, bgf 70cc, grubee pooo-poo pipe, and a deep tuck, and i thought i was going really fast, and then you guys come along with 50+, thanks!
  15. But will I look secksay?
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  16. Regular 3 speed chain pull hub? How's it holding up?
  17. graucho

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    LOL, speed? Hang on and scream. LOL :shock:

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  18. wildemere

    wildemere Member

    Regular 3 speed chain pull hub? How's it holding up?

    Good so far, Its a Japanese Shimano 3S, am going to use an English Sturmrer Archer when it dies.

    Actually I pulled 45mph today after fitting a pipe
  19. badmoon

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    do you need shifter kit with internal hub ?
  20. wildemere

    wildemere Member

    yes, unless you can get a left side drive hub