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    Hi I am Mountainman -- started riding at the age of six or seven -- my grandfather brought home a surprize for me -- a 7 1/2 hp Powercraft mini bike -- that little thing did close to 50 miles an hour !! I was in love for the first time !!! Had my first crash on that bike -- I was knocked out for a long time my grandfather said.. Riding was in the blood. Grandpa had a 500cc BSA one lunger -- he would put this little guy on the back and -- I had better hold on tight !!! I have owned approx. 15 motorbikes and motorcycles small and large over the years -- worked for the Civil Service in small engine repair many, many years ago. Stopped riding around 19 years ago when I was allmost killed in an off road motorcycle crash.. Tried to get back on bikes a couple of times -- but it just didn't feel like it once did -- as BB King sang -- the thrill was gone ---- well - the thrill is BACK and my motor for my bicycle is due in next week --- I think that I am as thrilled about this bicycle motor as I was when I bought a nice Harley Hog years back --- may God bless you all in your riding -- from Mountainman

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    i love it, what a story...welcome (back) to the thrill :cool:
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    Thank you augidog --- heading back to the road -- small motor and a very light load !! My two favorite things as I look back have always been --- BIKES AND GIRLS !!! Happy riding from Mountainman
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    What else is there? :welcome::???:
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    Pablo -- yes oh yes -- I had a few thoughts go through my mind JUST AFTER I POSTED THAT COMMENT --- Bikes and girls --- DO NOT TELL MY WIFE THE ORDER IN WHICH LISTED !!! Just kidding - she knows MUCH about us guys -- We love things that run fast and hard and have sweet little knobs to twist and turn... Many blessings sent from Mountainman
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