who is ripping off MBc?




who the heck is "paul" and why does he think i'd lay down for such a blatant ripoff?

i've posted here first because someone in here will be able to pass my feelings on, PLUS i guess we have to discuss WHY i wouldn't have been made aware (of something this transparent) by you, mike.



i am in PM debate with mike, this is the gist of my standard response to him:

me said:
this ain't business with you and i, it's personal...duane has a place in this movement, he's quite active, brings more riders, works hard to stay up to speed, is developing new and legal systems, and therefore useful. besides, i like him personally. note: who do you think got him to swing towards something "legal"...please bud you have to see MY big picture once in a while.

i rebuffed you because you dint feel we were friends enuff to say "aug, i think you should have a look at this. someone is copying your work."

as admin, i blocked your access to the inside area because you're a (seemingly founding) member of a forum that's actively breached our security and policies as part of a larger strategy. i realize you may not be aware of that part, but that issue is unresolved & until i have my perimeters beefed up, i trust noone involved. i didn't kick you to the curb, i made a sound security decision based on current conditions.

besides, it IS personal with "invite-only"...you let a friend down. not by joining, god no i can't say anything about that. you let me down by playing along and laying low. who kicked who to the proverbial curb, eh? you don't see it? oh well.
look, i didn't do anything to his regular account, but until i sort this out, i can't be allowing suspect access inside. actspaul has apparently been at this for some months, davo found many cross-references and connections. dates/statistics also tell a story.

scottm (our t-shirt guy) was phone-called by paul (thru our MBc-shirt contact info) and actively recruited to be on staff over there. he sed no, but DO you get my drift?

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Hey Aug I see the similarity. Who wouldn't? Not to take sides, that's not why I'm here. Mike sells bikes & parts for his LIVELEYHOOD. It is not immoral to pursue all avenues. He has been such a resourse for me & everyone else that I have to give him a WHITE BALL HERE.

I have posted several potentially patent-able ideas & real protos on MB.com
I would be flattered by someone racing down to the patent office to KIPE just one of them. In fact I would help them... But I just do this for FUN. Maybe they have found a way to capitalize on this idea.

Do you have a patent? Is this truly an infringement? Or are they just good ole American competition? Emulation is a sign of Admiration!

I didn't join, but checked out the site. Not many members. No help to me.

If I could make money at this I would KIPE some of your ideas TOO!


mike is not gone gone, we are trying to talk about why my "bud" didn't mention privately he knew i'd be wanting to know about...you mistook my jab at the net-thieves.

look...they could have put a bit more effort into it, no?

garage = shop
clubhouse = tavern

some forum titles are identical except domain name



and: lest we skip this part...a campaign of stealth is hardly ever a sign of pride in one's actions, eh?

y'all will miss my point...i'm here to stay, we're serious stuff by serious builders, i like our niche...we get it done. fine. competition is not a worry, they'll prolly serve a long run purpose of keeping the firsttime happy-timers occupied while they learn we've got it right. see? i can see ahead to other points.

but geez..."tavern" "shop"...get real, do your own work for crineoutloud. and quit inserting leads to your forum into posts (one said "here's my bike" then said "click here for more pics"...link was a full page ad for that bike at retail pricing) on that sales site was a link to the other forum. guerilla warfare? i mean geeezz!

so right now i am looking to see if mike is a friend who's slipped up (other part about mike's contributions on this board? i invited him here, allowed as much elitist whizzer talk as was appropriate, encouraged more whizzer riders attend and restructured with the new section as a priority) look, i've gotten mbc here in less than a year, it's very intense...i've managed to accomodate to some degree a very diverse selection of styles/drives, which also means one group may see my accomodating of another's set of needs as a personal slight instead of fairness. tons of happytime riders is of course gonna lead to more accomodation. if there were 350+ whizzer riders here...boy oh BOY would i hook y'all up! please understand i think way deep about future implications, allow me to prove that point:

my 2 most "influential" goals to date are about to become much more apparent to the world...

- i am about to build/unviel a golden eagle/diamondback that will rock the house. this motoredbike is hopefully slated for a bonneville record, dennis is entirely poised to help with drivetrain should the bike prove worthy. this is a very slowly but surely project that i'm trying to at a higher level of professionalism than i've enjoyed in some time.

- i am actively and publicly helping to develop a legally-obtained 4-stroke drivetrain. at a decent price. sold by a decent customer-service guy...win win win. and how about i might be smarter than i look? allowing dax to ramble on (i did delete a lot you never saw) was a theraputic tool i was able to offer him during this deep investment and risk he's been taking. i did right by a hard working guy, i didn't hurt anyone else, if anyone else was developing new drives you could surely count on some leeway from me to help encourage it.

ahem! now, both of those acheivements are my pro-active answer to concerns about foreign vendors, overall quality, encouraging more home-based commerce, the golden eagle and titan racks are made in usa, both use compliant engines under my preferred limit of 50cc...& no smuggling...all things mike continually states as being important to him also, right? noone's noticed i've been sneaking some real good stuff into the agenda.

now, 'lo come the click-leeches

i don't need this kind of distraction, i'm way too busy doing REAL stuff.

so, how about you try a chat with mike, also?

i'm waiting til the morning for his latest, i'm looking to see if my perspective has been fully realized....then we get back down to seeing what to do next.

ok, i'm rambling...final thought....i wish them many many new-newbies, i sure could use a break from that ;)

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See ya in Bone - Ville Dog

You can't possibly beat my entry this year! What with all the legal matters you will prolly have A FREAKIN HA before that anyways.


Always I am up for the competition. & My DADDY will beat your DADDY in a STREET FIGHT ANY ---- DAY!!! in Bonneville How Bout It!!!

C'Mon Aug I know they hurt your feel goods. Get over it. You got us behind you & the cream will rise! Throw DOWN the Gauntlet! Fastest BIKE Wins.. OOOOO excitement!!



more in the morning i guess...mike and i will get it done, i just need to know there's more than commerce involved, that always hurts my feel goods.

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Apr 27, 2007
What?!?! Is this for real? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means so you may have to explain this in one-syllable words. Why are you so upset? What exactly is wrong with starting a forum? Isn't this a perfect example of just exactly why you are so PRO America?? Freedom of choice. Is this because you want the only motored bike forum in the universe? Don't get me wrong here Aug, I love this forum and I think it's the best one out there right now. I visit other forums that have to do with bicycles and guess what...there are more than one. Guess what else...I have stopped visiting some because they just weren't that good. Why not let nature take it's course and let the weakest die?


man, does enyone read a whole post!? i have NOT ONCE said anything about "another" forum...all i've said is they've used poor ethics by copying (almost excatly) my creation AND have been on a campaign of sneaking links in here.

ok, i'm finished...there's some more stuff going on...mike is at the forefront...while he's been trying to convince me he's still all good with MBc, he was pimping the new place over at the old yahoo group.

things i won't allow our staff to do, they're doing....pimping links everywhere...

so, i guess the "american" way rears it's ugly head yet again...

i say read a whole post...i haven't complained about competition, only about plagarism and poor ethics.


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Aug 4, 2006
I would have to agree with Augie on this one... His site does have an uncanny resemblance of ours... I really do think he was looking at ours when creating his...

I don't really see it as competition though, as in his forum is not much to compete with... lol