who makes this motor?

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  1. i am looking to buy this bike and can not find out who makes the motor. The bike has a problem with the friction drive not lowering and i do not want to buy it if the clutch or drive is shot and there are no parts. Can someone help me out? thanks in advance.


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    They have not been made for a long time.

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    Too bad they are defunct. That's a sweet way to mount a friction drive.
  4. here is a picture of the bike

    you might still be able to buy them.

    The bike i was going to buy is a 2004 black cruiser with one of these motors. I saw it at an estate sale and the dealer kinda screwed me out of it then has sold it twice and had it returned. I offered $250 and he said no. About an hour later he sold it for $200 and the guy returned it because the drive will not engage. For them it is too Tough to test the motor without the drive. They are too stupid to attach a drill to the flywheel nut. Now he has it for sale for $250 on craigslist claiming it had " bad gas. " The estate guy is kinda crooked, but if i can get the bike for $150 ,I would buy it and probably be able to repair it. If not I have a nice black happy time just waiting for it. The bike is really nice. They sell for $350+ new.


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  5. i found the motor still for sale at another site. I am still not sure about parts.
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    Look at the space between the tire and seat tube, not many bikes have that clearance. My kind of bikes wouldn't work such as comfort/hybrid bikes.