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  1. zippinaround

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    I think i just found aladins cave hahaha came across a motorbike/quad shop with tons of stuff judging by the pictures ,going for a rummage tomorrow see what kind of prices , but the best part is this place is only a few minutes away , guessing its been closed since i moved here.

    should be good though

    parts1.jpeg parts2.jpeg parts3.jpeg parts4.jpeg parts5.jpeg parts6.jpeg parts7.jpeg parts1.jpeg parts2.jpeg parts3.jpeg parts4.jpeg parts5.jpeg parts6.jpeg parts7.jpeg

  2. jaguar

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    Do I see a Honda Elsinore there? Restored those bikes are worth a pretty penny since they are raced in the vintage motocross races.
    see http://www.ahrma.org
  3. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    it looks like one for sure, will find out tomorrow but it looks like it needs alot of tlc , im more looking for small engines and junk i can use for bicycles haha could be a good project though if they worth enough. i see one on craigslist for $550 tho sure unrestored but a restored one for 6k another minter there that raced at ahrma for 4k!
    Went for a snoop but the owner wasn't there and the guy had no clue on prices , didn't see much of interest there but that is an elsinore guy said needs engine rebuild , also seen a water cooled version of mini moto engine might get that if cheap enough the 39cc ones put out 6.2hp apparently and if its a 50cc meant to be 11hp !
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  4. boss4457

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    do you have any wheels that will go on a 1 inch live axle with keyway
  5. Steve Best

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    My 3rd bike was a 1974 Honda Elsinore 250 pretty much exactly like this picture:
    When I bought it I didn't think they could ever make a 250 lighter or more powerful!
    The gastank was polished aluminum, the wheel spokes were aluminum and that big carb was magnesium and weighed almost nothing. It had fixed point ignition, was hard to start and not inclined to idle. Would kick back on occasion, inflicting grievous injurys. The underslung pipe eventually got smashed up from jumps, rocks and logs so I made my own upswept pipe following Gord Jenning's formulas. I epoxied filled the crankcase and filed the piston edges and did a little porting to make it a screamer. It handled and braked terribly, would only stand about a 6 foot jump and cracked the frame repeatedly above the footpegs but boys, would it go! Tank held about one US gallon and it would go about 20 miles on that. I sold it in 1984 to a guy who couldn't get over how it was so much quicker than his new liquid cooled and powervalved 84 CR250.

    Jennings rules man!

    Thanks for the memories...
  6. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    too bad you don't have a picture to show the pipe you made. I'm surprised to hear they handled badly. I had a Penton 125 that handled great but with the limited suspension would get ya in trouble real quick in the rough stuff. It wasn't lightweight but was solid as a rock and the frames never broke and pistons lasted a real long time.
  7. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    I do have a picture around somewhere Jag, gotta go digging and scan it.
    I thought the handling and braking was wonderful compared to my 1974 XL250, which was so much better than my 1967 Honda Dream. MX bikes improved a lot in those early years, and once I rode the smooth handling mono-shock bikes of the 1980s I knew the old CR had to go, rocket that it was. I made 2 pipes for the 74 Cr actually. First one was brazed together and did not hold up very well. Butt welds, constant cracks. Steel gas welded the second pipe and it lasted well. The diffuser pipe was shorter and sharper than stock, the belly much larger and longer, and the reflector sharper as well, that I remember. The silencer slipped over the reflector and belly to shorten up the assembly.

    I got bit by the "bigger is better" bug, I bought an XL500 which I drove everywhere:
    That's me about 30 years ago. Pornstar mustache. Faithful dog. Brutal 360 4bbl 4spd woods truck.
    I put a ton of miles on that old XL500. The front tires show it. Heavy, sluggish but dependable.
    Almost no mods done to this bike. Only a 90mph top speed but it gave 80mpg so who cared!
    Replaced it with an 85 Yamaha XT600. Wish I had bought a DT200...