Who on here DOESN'T use kit motors?

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  1. So, I've looking around on this forum for a few months, and I see very few bikes that don't use the kit motors, even fewer bikes that are belt driven. I myself like the old timeish look of the old washing machine and other engines like that. I have one bike done, (it's not exactly street legal, but it's fun in parades), and I'm working on another one (this one will be legal to ride on the rode, at least when I turn 15) with a 1 1/2 horse Clinton engine. :D I wanted to make it look like a kid in the 50's found an engine and made it in his garage. (Basically what I'm doing but I'm making it to look old). Anyway, my whole point is I get the kit engines are cheap and easy to install, but why not spend a little more and use an older like lawn mower engine and put on there? I realize that the weight is an issue, but I personally think that the dependability would outweigh the weight issue... But that's just a kid's opinion! Tell me what you think. Thanks!

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    sounds good. got pics?
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    For me it's not weight or money, it's size, simplicity and appearance. I don't want some ridiculous belt drive that's larger than my engine and contains more moving parts. I don't want a huge centrifugal clutch hanging off the side. I don't want some monstrous flywheel with a fan built in(this is a bicycle, why would I need forced cooling?) and I'll tell you one thing I sure will NEVER put on my bike: Plastic shrouding.

    I just want an engine. That's all I want. Until someone out there can compete with the china-girl for its size, simplicity and appearance, there is no other option.
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    Hi Kestrel Motors, Inc.,

    I will gladly help you fabricate parts for your project. Take a look at a Whizzer clutch setup. It uses a short belt to a pulley mounted on an arm, and the arm is on a spring-loaded pivot. A 15" v-belt sheave was made to attach to the spokes in the rear wheel and provided the ratio reduction needed to use the smaller 4 -stroke motors. This arrangement is very similar to systems made by many of us in our youth, and usually doesn't cost a large amount. My first motor was in fact a 1 1/2 HP Clinton, and after using it to power my homemade go-kart it ended up on my Huffy bicycle. Many of the vintage motorbikes used belt drive including the very first Harleys. Look at vintage Whizzers, Service cycles, Evans, any many other vintage motorbikes.

    Dare to be different, don't always march to the same drummer as everyone else. Just ask if you need any help with your project.

    Have fun,
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    I just bought a Clinton this summer at a swap meet and that is what I will be useing. You can get the Wizzer shive at Simpson motor bikes .com for $39 for the rear wheel. Like Quenton if you are looking for anything just poast it here and someone will help...........Curt
  6. I have a rear sheave already, I'm going to use one of those "link-belts" so I won't have to cut a hole in my frame. My dad says that we might have to get a different pulley anyway, one that's easier to weld on straight :rolleyes7:
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    Keep in mind that if you run the pully up under the seat like a Wizzer you can run the belt without cutting the frame. It puts the belt hight then the lower chain stay..........Curt
  8. My engine is so wide, even WITH a jack-shaft it's still a ways away from the wheel. So to simplify this bike, I just doing a strait run from the engine to the wheel, no jack-shaft or anything. Just a tightener lever and a throttle...:devilish:
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    You have to put the engine to the right a lot doing that and you wont be able to keep the pedals useable. And the Wizzer shive is to small for that. You need another Bike rim the same size you have for a shive. Someone here sould know were the gear ratio chart is. Here is the old PM plan out of the 40's

  10. I have the engine centered in the frame, and I still have enough room to use my pedals too... I have a pulley off of an old Farmall mower that is just a bit smaller than my wheel is. My dad has a book that tells all I needed to know about ratios and I have it all figured out, I don't remember the exact ratio, but we talked to some of my dad's friends (One is a tool and die maker, one's a motorcycle builder and mechanic, and one's a Mennonite carpenter that is an absolute GENIUS about motorcycles) and they said that this bike should pull AND go about 40-45.
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    It is going to be next to impossible to arrive at the needed ratios without a pulley reduction somewhere in the system.

    If you run a 2.5" pulley on the motor and a rear sheave [Whizzer type], the ratio will be 6.3 X 1 and the low HP motor won't pull the bike. If you try to use a smaller pulley on the motor, chances are the belt will slip too much. The Whizzer system is approx 9 X 1 and has twice as much power as the Clinton motor. I would guess the ratio with the small motor would need to be at least 12 X 1 or higher. Another reason to use a pulley reduction system is to move the rear belt drive inward to align with the rear wheel [like Whizzer does].

    As far as going 40 to 45, I would say it is almost impossible with less than 2 HP. I would think getting to 35 MPH might even be hard to achieve.

    I am not trying to discourage you, but you might want to have a "back-up" plan with higher ratios for the small HP motor.

    Hope this information is helpful.

    Have fun,
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    if you want to keep it on the road ....you need to know how its built and what you have in it...period. I know how to fix ..to a point then ask if you dont know its usualy some thing simple and smackn your self on forehead simple dont give up learn .
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    Have you thought about useing Z shaped tabes that would rivit or bolt to the rim and then go down and bolt or rivit to the pully........just like the old timmers...........Curt
  14. Yeah! See, I'm going to use tabs to attach it to the rim, only I'm going to weld it to the rim and I think bolt it to the pulley. Maybe weld to both I don't know yet, it depends on how it works out and fits on the rim.