Who selles the best Friction drive kit, for the price?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by u2seek42, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    Many are out there.

    Friction kit, boygofast $ 254 delivered.

    Statton....Well, if you've got lots of money.

    Live fast motors, was very fair, but it seems to have gone under.

    The Solex knockoffs from the Canadian guy are never inspected, off the boat and to you, they seem to show up in various states of broken.

    Bikebug, well he is a piece of work...

    So let me hear from more knowledgeable minds

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    I have a Staton FD with >3500 miles on it.

    $179 is not that much for the highest quality FD kit made with
    the best choice of roller sizes.
  3. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    $389.00 for a little bit of metal, and brush cutter motor, is a wee bit high.

    Now for that kind of money I could buy a nice desktop computer, or laptop

    How odd that the china girl comes with a motor, chainm handle grips, sprocket, gas tank, chain guard, and on..... and costs 130 - 150 - 189

    So many more parts to make pack and ship, lots of metal...

    Compared to a piece of steel with two bearings a roller and a clutch housing, a support bracket and a off the shelf motor.

    Does not computer!
  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    The Staton FD kit is built on extruded aluminum and machined by a guy in his own shop in the USA, complete set-up with throttle, cable and kill switch. Also, the engine choices he offers are industrial quality utility motors from far superior manufacturers or you could supply your own.

    I don't think it odd in a cost comparison of an HT when you factor sub-par metallurgy, build quality, labor, and preventative upgrades. If it takes two to last as long as one of the other, especially if you've checked prices recently,
    with which do you come out ahead?
  5. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    DAX sells them too. I seen a pic of live go fasts and I don't like the roller, seems it wouldn't give you traction on the tire like other rollers.
  6. tjdmobile

    tjdmobile New Member

    When it comes to FD kits (or just about anything for that matter) you get what you pay for. I have the Staton kit (two actually) and they are very high quality.

    If your only real factor is price, you may see immediate satisfaction with the Chinese kits. However, in less than a season, you may find that the bargain kit doesn't hold up like you had hoped and will end up spending the $$$ to buy an American made kit after the fact.

    Also consider that spending your $$$ on components made in America is good for small business here in the states. Just a thought.
  7. motman812

    motman812 Member


    I have a Stanton with a 35cc Honda with over 3000 trouble free miles on it.

    "The bitter aftertaste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has vanished."
  8. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    Well it seems you are all sold on staton.

    Gee guys, if I had access to a machine shop I could knock one of these out.
    as I said there is nothing really to it.

    extruded aluminum.... **** guys we are sticking these things on $99 buck wally world bikes.

    Here is my 500.00 powered bike 100 bike 400 motor....?

    I am all for supporting American workers, right up until I feel that they are doing to me... what the Chinese were doing but cheaper.

    So who else has a good kits with REASONABLE prices,.

    Oh and the live fast roller is great wet or dry, it has worked without trouble.
    The china knock off of the honda engine has been fine, more power than I would have expected.


    This is the solex just sold for 124, plus 49 shipping... ok so it is ****
    So I have to take it to a mechanic for 100 bucks worth of repairs.

    My bike engine now costs $275.00 and is still cheaper than a statton out of the box.

    Sorry to burn, but people using these on a large basis, could do our country a good turn. But when the costs insult your intelligence, and you turn away from the idea from sheer insult.
  9. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    Meant to say that I took my bike to a festival, had a 100 peeps ask me about it.
    And even with the fine price, I was given for this unit, most people said your kidding, that high?

    I just saw some 35cc 2 cycle engines going for 89.00, now if the roller kits ran around a $100 -125, then folks would fall on them.

    There was some fellow selling the unit at $99 w/o motor.

    Or you can pounce on a bikebug for $500?!
  10. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

  11. dchevygod

    dchevygod Member

    that company isnt chinese!

    Daemon bikes are located in canada. So I got canadian junk :lol:
  12. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Ever see the cost of machine shop work lately????

    Buy the cheap... go ahead... you'll be back next year saying you should of bought a better one!

    You get what you pay for, not what you dream of
  13. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    It's not blind allegiance to anyone in particular, rather it's after trying a bunch of different offerings on the market with lousy results then being sold on quality, of something that lasts. Would you think Dave Staton not being aware of the cheap Chinese copies is the reason he uses the Japanese engines?

    Staton sells his FD w/out an engine for $179, but go for it, get access to that machine shop you mentioned and see what you can knock one out for,
    however in the context of this discussion it would need be of the same or better quality. There has been some innovative inroads in DIY here, some successful, some not so. Sometimes one can get lucky and locate or utilize cast-off and found pieces in DIY, but often if you have to source and order rough stock and parts individually, and pay shipping on those parts, costs can escalate quickly. Then there's the machining and sometimes you can get lucky there too and not have a drive unit turn out like looking like an erector set.

    So give it a go and good luck with it, but I will tell you from experience that the prices you were suggesting as un-reasonable are not.

    BTW it would be a mischaracterization to say all MBs end up on $99 box store bikes, by a long shot. Many have been there done that and move on, just like with engines and drive components, for more durable quality.

  14. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    I started with a $99 wally-world bike, put a staton friction drive on it, and in about a year, the bike was shot. (bearings shot and spokes popping.) The idea was not to spend a huge amount, until I saw if MBs were worth it.

    Then, bought a trek navigator, moved the Staton FD on to it, and haven't looked back.

    I have NOT regretted my approach. Sure, I had a throw-away bike, which I did. But, that's no reason to buy a throw-away engine/drive, too! I didn't want to spend all my time tinkering with an engine and drive, just to keep it running. I wanted to ride, and not HAVE to keep wasting time and money.

    On the other hand, if your time is worth nothing, throw it away on a engine/kit that will suck up all of your spare time.

    IMO, the best friction drive, for the price, IS Staton.
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  15. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Oh yeah, from the cross posting going on here and the other site, I think the agenda of this whole thread is apparent now, asking question you already have the answer to. Nice try amigo, lol.
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  16. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    I'll second that staton is the best!
  17. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I am not trying to offend the original poster,, but you came here asking for advice, & when given the advice from motorbikers with years of experience,,, you got negative & refused it.
    I don't recommend any builder, just my choice . I absolutely never have recommended cheap Chinese chain drive kits . I have always stated that " You get what you pay for ." To compare a cheap Chinese motor to a Honda, Subaru/Robin, Mitsubishi, Tanaka , etc., etc.,,,,,,,,, is a joke !
  18. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    Ah the philosophical question is it better to be ripped off, by your own country men, or someone else s.

    I think I will take mine over to a machine shop, and ask them how much to make this little roller kit.

    Then I might have a better idea of who the thieves are.
  19. u2seek42

    u2seek42 New Member

    Ah are you guys gonna be mean to me, a motorized bike is my only wheels. I bought one of those china girls, what junk.

    I can see that most of you have stock in staton, apparently.

    What burns me is that you can not tell which is which, as to quality.

    From your perspective the more it costs, the better it is.

    I have a 1.5 hp mower engine I'll sell you for $16000 bucks you just know it hast to be great!

    The statton kit looks no different than the one I have, for $225.00

    So we have junk china girls, junk FD's junk solex, and the fine 400 buck statton only to be out done by the 500 buck bikebug.

    Yep you are right I need to go find a machine shop and ask him to do all that ball bustin work, drill some holes, press in some bearings and shape a roller.

    Gee I did more work than that when I built my first airplane model a age 7.

    Staton such a fine upstanding American.... uses Japanese motors.... traitor, should be shot no doubt.

    Screw it, I'll get a bike built for two and hire a 16 yo to pedal it.

    As for bikebug, what are your thoughts?
  20. Crosshair_84

    Crosshair_84 Member

    You realize that those "$89" engines are really $300+ engines. The only reason you can buy them right now for $89 is because someone bought up some unclaimed freight or parts stock from a bankrupt manufacturer. Once those are gone you'll be paying $300 again.

    When you look at it as it should be looked at, $300 engine and $179 friction kit, things are much more reasonable. Yes that may seem like a lot, but realize that you are buying quality. Japanese 2 strokes are top notch. My 1978 Honda Express still runs perfectly despite being over 30 years old. My 1982 Honda Hobbit has some carb trouble, but the engine is solid. How many of the HT kits are going to be running 10 years from now, let alone 30?

    Many of us who are looking to motorize a bicycle are doing it for transportation, not for tinkering and experimentation. To be used for serious transportation requires reliability and low maintenance. Having your engine fail 10 miles from home is not fun and not worth the cost savings.

    For motorized bikes there are three choices: Cheap, reliable, and low maintenance. You can only pick two.
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