who was the idiot who designed the throttle cable?

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  1. retromike3

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    It drives me nuts to think that somebody actually had to speck the current throttle cable on the no-name 2 cycle motor kits

    First of all it's too long; you have to adjust your stops all out to get them to work.

    Second: you can't lube it or adjust it once it's on or ever.

    I did find a video that showed me how to modify the cable; I replaced my cable and housing using this video for a guide.

    I did have to modify the throttle because none of my brake cables would fit in the hole in the twist grip. I guess if you don't plan on the kit to last more than a year then you don't have to worry about any maintenance. :dunce:
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  2. EnFlaMEd

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    Yeah the one that came with my kit was ****. It eventually stretched so much I was using cable ties as spacers. Anyway I just bought a new throttle assembly ( the chrome tipped kind ) and a new cable in its tube from rocksolidengines.com.au. The new cable fits perfectly with almost 0 adjustment. The sheath is a different material as well it feels more rubbery and less like plastic.
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    Wall mart sells aerosol spray on whiite grease with a tiny red extension.
    Or silicone with a tiny red extension..
    I use both.
    Disassemble either or both the carb (and ) or the throttle side to get to the sheath end.
    Jamb the end of the white grease or the silicone into the opening and blast away.

    To make the sheath slightly longer .
    Glue a slotted brake sheath end with the slotted adjuster into the carb top.
    You do not need to disassemble anything .
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    My throttle wouldn't even turn when I got it. When I took it apart I found the housing for the part the cable sticks into wasn't molded correctly, and had to file part of it off, and then I had to clip part of the guide rails so they could slid into the housing. It seems that it could be made way better >_> but that's what you get for $120.00