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  1. Dooley

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    I own a bike shop in Kentucky. Meade county mimi's. Been looking into wholesales. Talked to Grubeeinc. and was told do to them not getting EPA COC they will not be receiving any 2 stroke engines this year. Only selling 4 strokes. Any ideas of companies to go threw?

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    On a lot of the 2 stroke vendor sites they have wholesale accounts that the public cannot access, try gasbike, bicycle-engines. Just call them and ask.
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    Waiting to hear from a few companies. We have a tax number for wholesales. We usually get 30-60% off retail and only charge cost + 10% and tax. I make my cash on repairs and service. Cheap on that ad well, what can I say.... I LOVE MY JOB! When we get a few motorized bike companies to sell to us wholesale, I will be passing on the savings to you guys!