Whoop De Doo For My Subaru!


Local time
12:40 AM
Jun 19, 2008
Finally got my Staton Subaru engine today. Took a week before it was shipped. Opened the box and saw why. It must have taken that long to crumple up all the newspaper! Not the best packing for something so delicate as an engine but all was ok.

20 min. to install? HA! More like about 4 hrs. of head scratching to fit my frame but got it done ok. Had to re-drill some holes and stuff and get creative. Kill switch was a FAIL. Pulled the cord about a dozen times with nothing. Remembered a thread on hear about another failed kill switch and unplugged it at the engine...one pull and BINGO!

10PM and down the street I go. Quiet motor. Flawless operation (minus the kill switch thing) IT'S ZIPPY! I was zipping along at about 25-30mph and was still taking it easy--throttle to spare! I ZIPPED!

So far impressed with the Subaru. Now, if I can only re-locate that kill switch link.
I had problems with the switch also. But all it needs is a good ground. I added a wire from the kill switch itself to an area on the brackets holding the engine and that has worked ever since. I hope that helps for you.
Thanks for the link to the thread, Amp. Did find it last night tho and will play with it more today...in between rides! Second thought, probably won't be enough time to fiddle with it what with all my riding and all. Ha ha!

Switch repaired. Works fine now. Still may upgrade after a time.
Been riding some today and am totally delighted with the performance of this engine. It was too dark last night to see my speedo...felt like about 25-30. Well 25 today in daylight without full throttle yet. Handles a few small hills near my home with ease (the very reason I wanted and engine assist) 18-20 mph uphill/some pedaling (just to make it look good). Am looking forward to take it to work tomorrow AM over the high bridges out to the beach but not ready to push it yet.
Idle seemed high (manual says 3000RPM) so took it upon myself to lower it a smidge. Sounds much more relaxed now. Seems also that it really needs to get some juice before the clutch kicks in. Maybe just a break-in thing but may go to a lighter clutch spring later.
I think I will dub this bike the Way Back Machine. It takes me back to where I feel like a little kid on this thing. Having all the fun I never had then.
Now, where can I find a good truck cover?