whos got the best expansion chamber?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by willfargo, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. willfargo

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    Well its getting to be the time for some upgrades and i'm looking at the expansion chambers. SBP has one that has some pretty negative reviews, but it would appear that that is mostly because theirs is rather complex and tune-able.
    Everywhere else i can find (gasbike,king) are sold out, other than bikeberry http://www.bikeberry.com/expansion-chamber.html

    Who's got which one, whos used different ones, and what do you think of each? wheres your preference?

    (this is going to be for a 66cc)

  2. willfargo

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  3. ken murphy

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    make your own the pit bike down pipe works well just use your same mount thats on the pipe that comes with the kit cut it and weld ituse a cut off well & 4&1/2" grinder

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  4. Pablo

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    Just our 0.02$ :jester: Not sure we have many negative reviews:



    The largest problem we have is people not following instructions - in particular not clamping the main connection hose on both ends. (Somehow thinking the clamps go in the center at the slip fit)

    http://sickbikeparts.com/Manuals/Tuned Pipe Installation Instructions.pdf
  5. willfargo

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    Didnt mean to be talking down on your pipe, i am impressed that it has such adjustable build and it looks great as well. the only reason i wasnt planning on purchasing from SBP was the price which is obviously higher for a reason, as well as the fact i have multiple other items i was planning to buy. i did notice when reading the reviews that it seemed like it was mostly knuckleheads leaving the more negative reviews. after reading through the description and installation instructions AND the fact that you now sell a muffler (when did that show up?!) i think i may actually be purchasing the chamber from ya'll.
  6. willfargo

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    Now, a little bit of info on the muffler for the chamber? Has it been noted to change the powerband or overall power at all? the price is crying at me, and i dont know if i can resist! i am all about quiet, majority of my riding is evening and night
  7. Pablo

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    Actually didn't take it as talking down. I just wanted to make sure folks could see the reviews, warts and all. We have amazingly few reviews relative to how many we have sold. We are usually sold out, too. Yeah we've had the extra muffler for 3 years or so - I would say that thing really cuts the sharp edge of the 2-stroke noise and I honestly don't notice any power difference.

    Thanks man!!
  8. willfargo

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    Alright then Pablo! i'll be ordering those 2 from you tomorrow morning when the paycheck goes in the bank! Now looking at the instructions here. I'm running a 66cc with a 44 tooth sprocket, what would my best tuning option be, or should i buy a larger/smaller sprocket?
  9. Pablo

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    Run it stock first and go from there.....just don't shorten the J pipe too much.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I've run the Happy Time SBP pipe on my center-framed 460 engine AND Tanaka 47R engines. It made the engine EXTREMELY quiet and made power to boot. The pipe's flange is way smaller than the ports. They bolted on, though. A LOT more power could've been realized with the right head pipe for the 460 and 47R engines.:detective:

    On my twin-460 engine project, I'll prolly use two SBP pipes, if I can get them to fit. It will quiet down the engines a lot.
  11. willfargo

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    So what if i used the gas line that Double Trouble used on his stock exhaust for relocation?


    would that still be adjustable like the J-tube if it was shortened or lengthened? i'm not super comfortable with how the pipe fit on to my bike with the copper connectors
  12. ken murphy

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    ok,then if your guna try sumthin like that,I use copper all the time 5/8 I.D.is fine for a stinger.
    so my suggestion for that set up is soft copper and get the correct bend u want and braze it stay away from those compresion fittings.
    so try to lessen the length of the space between the cylinder and the end of the pipe.wiki two stroke motors and they show an expanshion chambers.
    For best results gut the pipe & put a silencer behind it.
  13. willfargo

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    I hadnt even thought of using soft copper! great idea.
    I'd like to know what Pablo thinks about using this for my SBP Expansion Chamber
  14. willfargo

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    So i may be COMPLETELY confused here. when it said shorten the straight header, i was shortening the straight piece of copper pipe from the exhaust port to the fittings. is that wrong or am i supposed to be shortening the actual J shaped tube to the chamber? also, i replaced the 45 degree with a 90 to fit on my bike. will that cause any issues?