Who's used the nitrous kit?

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    Yuck it's a fart can no thanks I under stand that the back pressure within the expansion chamber created by the convergent and divergent areas of the exhaust following up by good old Bernoulli law but it's just **** <~~~ Ugly haha! I like em on dirt bikes but on a little engine about the size of our heads no I'm good but at the end of the day its not about the power its about the thrill . The joy get when that silly old whip cream cylinder gets engineered on and you hit that nos shhhhh blast off...!!! Hah love yours , you only love once . Don't stop the creativity
    There are guys out there at bashes on motorbikes already so why not "give the something to talk about"lol respect ✊ power to the people stick it to the man

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    Electric blowers - it is all about pressure. You need a blower that can maintain at least 1 psi above atmospheric while filling your engine. Most cannot even do that while dead-headed. 3psi would be a more practical range for serious power. The turbo on my SVO builds 15psi stock.

    Nitrous - the first nitrous kit I ever installed in a V8 did 3 runs before blowing the steel headgasket out and splatting all the coolant over the track. Another kit in a HO Mustang would slip the clutch if applied under 5000 rpm and after one bottle stripped the casehardening off the transmission gear teeth. It is harsh stuff. I am planning to use nitrous on my turbo SVO in a 1-2 sec shot to eliminate turbo lag. I've seen it used on sleds. Mostly broken sleds. Tricky stuff nitrous.

    Boost bottles - My DT200 came with a boost bottle from Yamaha, as did many Yamahas, Kawis and other 2 strokes in the 1970s and 80s. Yamaha called it the YEIS system:
    Notice the big diameter connecting hose and short hose length.
    As KC mentioned, many of the aftermarket boost bottles don't have those features and are a scam.
    I did a test using vinyl tubing as a variable volume boost bottle:
    It works, but needs to be tuned to the rpm you want to run at.
    This was a test only, to prove the concept. I feel simple is more important than a fractional gain.
    And I agree with KC, more power to be found in a pipe.