Whose rear friction kit should I buy?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by mystic-chris, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I'm looking into putting a rear friction drive on a 26" hybrid. I want a 4-stroke, and it looks like the choices are the Honda GX35 or the Robin Subaru EH035. But I recently read somewhere on this forum that the Honda (which I assumed would be the best possible quality choice) is now made in Taiwan, and that the Robin Subaru is still manufactured in Japan. Anybody here know for sure?

    Also, as far as the mounting kit, the name Staton keeps popping up. Are there others that I should consider?

    On both the engine and the mounting kit, I'm not really concerned about saving money; I want what's going to be the best choice as far as function and longevity.

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    I have a BMP friction kit on my bike and it's top notch. Personally the only 2 names to consider here are Staton and BMP. I've done business with Staton inc and though I don't own the friction drive kit everything else I have bought from them is top notch with great service. Flip a coin or choose whichever looks better to you.

    As far as the suburu vs honda thing IDK.
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    Thanks, rattlerviper. I actually spoke with David Staton on the phone yesterday. He sounds like a real no-nonsense guy with a well-equipped shop highly concerned with quality. I initially called to inquire about his rear friction drive kits. After some discussion, I was convinced that an axle-mounted gear and chain drive was the way I want to go. I'm going to install the kit on a matte black, aluminum-framed Electra "Coaster 1" bike (single-speed). I plan to remove the bright yellow Robin Subaru engine cover and paint it with a high-temperature black paint to give the engine less of a "weed whacker" look!

    And as far as the Robin Subaru vs. Honda issue: David very much prefers the Robin Subaru. It's better designed and manufactured than the Honda, he says, and as I had heard, Staton confirmed that the Robin Subaru EH035 engine is made in Japan while the Honda GX35 engine is now made in Taiwan.

    So, if it ever finally warms up here in Connecticut this spring, I should be cruising in blacked-out, 4-stroke style!
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