Why 69cc?

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  1. jaguar

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    If 48cc is usually the legal limit for motorized bicycles on the street then please explain to me why the larger 69cc (80cc) seems to be the more popular engine size used.
    Maybe since there is no engine size stamp to reveal the size then do you all just lie to cops when they stop you and say its a 48cc?
    Or are most of them used in very rural situations instead of the cop infested cities?
    I am really curious to understand this. Keep in mind I am in Ecuador and cant see the situation in civilized countries.

  2. BigBlue

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    Simple, P-enis envy!

    AKA: BigBlue
  3. jaguar

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    cmon guys, tell me what you think. there are no wrong answers, only stupid ones as has already been demonstrated (for educational purposes only). I guarantee you that when women see men in their most barbaric form (saying stupid things as they "think" with their P) that they dont envy us guys at all. They pity us as they know they are the superior species.
  4. crassius

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    no legal problems with size here, just looking for more torque for the hills which are very steep
  5. jaguar

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    At this site I read that all states require a motorcycle license if the motorized bicycle has more than 50cc.

    At the Texas site it says that people with a motorcycle license can drive anything of any engine size, including mopeds and under 50cc motor driven vehicles. A restricted class M license is required for driving a motor-driven cycle of no more than 250cc, or a moped of less than 50cc. (link)

    Helmet is necessary unless they are over 21 and have completed a motorcycle operator training course (approved by DMV) or have accident insurance. (link)

    Mopeds require State certification, but they only allow mopeds that are on their approved list. (link)
  6. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    catch 22

    take at look at this from the Texas legal requirements page:

    "Registration and a title are required to obtain insurance. ..You must also provide proof of liability insurance when you title and/or register your vehicle, so take your insurance card. "

    I havent been in the States for years. Am I missing something or did they create a requirement that is impossible to fulfill (ie: catch 22)?
  7. HeadSmess

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    cus theyre only a few dollars more to buy, theyre available to be bought, and everyone has this strange belief that bigger is better.

    i stick to my 48.
  8. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    Probably people buy them before fully investigating the legal requirements. Almost all States say they have to be under 51cc. I've looked it up.
  9. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    in some places, that rule only applies if you have automatic transmission
  10. professor

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    Here you could run a small block chevy in a moped.
    BUT it has to be registered into one of 3 grades based on speed.
    Motorized bicycles are non-legal. Mine is legally a moped.
  11. Fabian

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    Simple answer Jaguar - Improved low rpm torque from the 69cc engine.

    The 69cc engine allows you to use less rpm for the same road speed, which has many benefits: reduced vibration, reduced noise and reduced wear on the engine which just happens to increase engine life.

    It doesn't matter what kind of methods are used to increase the torque of the 50cc engine because the same methods applied to a standard 69cc engine will enable greater torque at lower rpm.
  12. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I emailed the Texas DMV about the "catch 22" and here's their reply:

    The website you referenced is not that of a state agency so accuracy can not be guaranteed. Our office handles motorcycle training and safety so I recommend you visit the DMV website directly for title and registration information. http://www.txdmv.gov

    after I emailed them saying I couldnt find the info on their site they replied:

    All 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles require a class M (motorcycle) license as well as insurance, title and registration; regardless if its considered a moped, scooter, motor driven cycle or motorcycle. The process is the same except for items inspected and registration cost.
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  13. HeadSmess

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    if i was in china, i could strap anything to some bamboo "hoops", pile the family on top and go touring with no troubles except the bamboo frame keeps needing to be tied back up every twenty km or so.

    now, in autralia, NSW to be precise... there is no size limit anymore! at least last time i checked. the only restriction is on output power. 200 watts. restrict a chev down to 200 watts at the shaft and you could blat around on a v8 all day, and it would be perfectly legal...if not impossible :rolleyes:

    there used to be a size restriction...30cc. there used to be a speed restriction... 30km/h max. the power restriction was still the same.

    ill still stand by my "cus theyre available to be purchased and everyone has to compensate for other inadequacies" comment :)
  14. database00

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    thats why there are peddles

    their is alot of grey area around motorized bicycles. alot of states allow the under 50cc rules and use bike paths as long as you have peddles.
    The motor size looks like the larger one so some people lie to cops when pulled over say its only 49.6cc.
    Colorado now requires mopeds to be registered regardless of motor size. they are trying to make bike owners d it as well but have not forced yet. but if we stay at 50cc we can park on sidewalk. over 500 not supposed to be able to.
  15. Skyliner70cc

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    I could use every bit of HP as possible due to my altitude where I'm down about 19% in HP (3% loss in HP/torque for every 1,000 foot in altitude). That's why I run a larger than legally allowed enigne.
  16. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I hear ya! when I was at 8500 ft my 48cc just wouldnt get all the job done. Had to go up to 55cc. but there is no legal limit here.
  17. GopedJohnBoy

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    I know this thread is old, but I just got here.......laws in Kansas recently changed// mopeds require drivers license, insurance, etc. just like motorcycle......no more D.U.I's and getting a moped. motorized bicycles---the engine limit was raised from 80cc to 130cc !!! think something about the miminum size tires was 14 inch, and 5break horsepower? I need to check cuz I got a ticket on my goped.......cop said it was a skateboard!
  18. database00

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    well goped is missing peddles so cant be categorized as a bicycle. I think I might have to check denver laws. would be crazy if they allowed 130cc hp motor on a bike.
  19. Fabian

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  20. GopedJohnBoy

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    hey buddy.......................check the definitions while you'e there because pedals are not required, or even mentioned in the description of a bicycle..........motorized or otherwise.

    s-1405. "Bicycle" defined. " Bicycle" means every device propelled by human power upon which any person may ride, having two (2) tandem wheels, either of which is more than fourteen (14) inches in diameter.