Why are all the decent vendors out of stock?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Miriax, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Miriax

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    All of the highly rated vendors (zone8, raw motors, bikeberry, to name a few) are out of stock on two-stroke motors. What gives? Is someone beating their prices, so they're holding out on their stock to avoid people asking about the "we'll beat anyone's price" deal? Is there some kind of shortage of happytime motors coming from China?
    I just want to get a second motor for my nicer bike. My first motor was deliberately abused every way possible so I could learn how happytime motors work and what to do/not do. And I don't want to order from gasbike or kingsmotors because they have bad reputations, but they're the only sites that seem to be in stock.
    What gives? I'd gladly buy a second kit from the same site I got my first, but it's out of stock, and has been for two months now. :(

    PS not sure what subforum this should be in. This seemed most appropriate to me.

  2. adrian101

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    If its summer where you are then they sell really fast.

    It happened to me when i wanted to purchase one. No one had them as they were selling out fast.

    Winter they are everywhere for sale, summer none at all.

    That is my theory anyway.
  3. HeadSmess

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    you have asked what is really a rhetorical question...

    theres no answer.

    bad management, shipping strikes, here there, anywhere, storms and the ship sunk, chinas having a bad month, the governments cracking down on em, people are trying to make a profit...sheeeesh, it could be absolutely anything!

    me, i blame all these twits that are going around buying em :D