Why are Go-Ped Engines so expensive?

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    So, I was wondering, why are all things related to go-peds so expensive? I was thinking this semester in my welding class starting to work on a folding motor-scooter, and was looking at the way gopeds are constructed, and was wondering why they were so pricey?

  2. All they are is a skateboard type scooter with a small engine with a rear wheel with a sprocket and chain and thats it,i don't know why they are selling for around $300-400+.
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    The GoPed Trail Ripper is prolly worth $1000 due to the suspension. My opinion, at least, after feeling the ride on a GoPed Riot.

    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW1HpzNlz9M

    Can't wait to see one in a garage sale or on Craigslist someday.
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    Reason I'm asking is because my welding class starts in about a week and I was thinking about making something like a folding version of a Riot (Seat, full suspension, etc...)

    Now engine wise, the HF 2.5 HP is the most bang for the buck, but I think I want something lighter, and all the goped and robin subaru engines in the 20-35 cc range are expensive as ****. Anything cheap like this? Also anything that will like a CVT/multispeed pocket bike transmission? Also which ones could handle nitrous? I'm thinking a smaller engine plus nitrous on demand would be good for still having some speed but keeping weight down. I know you have to increase the amount of fuel when you add nitrous, so I was also thinking instead I could use a pre-mixed fuel/oil/nitromethane blend and just inject that (so the extra fuel comes with the extra juice right off the bat). Anyone know what would be best for cooling? I'm thinking either ethanol or methanol for the supplementary fuel.

    Also, what would be my best options suspension wise? But OEM goped suspension, fab it, something else? I think I got and idea for the rear suspension (Get a coil-over of some sort and use a quick-disconnect like they have on those exercise machines, and then once it's swinging freely use that as part of the folding) But the front suspension annoys me.

    Also, frame wise, I know I'm gonna use steal tubing, but any advice what thickness and such? Also I'm thinking maby using thinner steal, but getting carbon fiber tape and wrapping the frame and epoxying it. Is this a decent idea or a recipe for death?

    Also, people who have worked with CF tape, how do you like it? I'm thinking it would be a good material to fab parts from because the goal would be to keep weight down. I know I'm either using this or kevlar with the running boards
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    You may want to take a look at the Mitsubishi TLE43 as well. It's a GOOD engine and makes 2.2hp. It's propelled my bike up to 40mph, and cruises between 30 and 35 on my 20 mile trip (each way) to work and back in the nice weather months.

    One thing I would STRONGLY advise against (clear it from your mind immediately) is trying to incorporate nitrous. It's VERY tricky to control on a simple little air cooled engine like these. Keeping it from leaning out when on the gas would be next to impossible. You'd pop the engine almost for sure. It's great, cheap power but you REALLY have to make sure you have a handle on the fuel mixture and pressure or it goes "POP" and it's lights-out for your engine.

    Good luck with your build!

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    You might want to check out engines at www.davesmotors.com if you're not already familiar with that site. A lot to choose from. Just remember the old saying, "no replacement for cubic inch displacement" !
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