Why are We Changing Oil So Fast ???

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  1. Mountainman

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    yes - on our little MBs -- oil change - cost maybe 50 cents

    but why are we not telling our friends and loved ones
    that the changing of oil in our cars should not be done at 3,000 miles
    as many still believe

    we should be getting at least 5,000 miles before oil changes (most makes)
    just ran across someone on this site
    thought that 10,000 miles should be logged before change

    only married here a couple of years now
    my wife was one -- I needed to inform a little
    let her know she was wasting money and oil
    with those every 3,000 mile oil changes

    note: for you guys out there
    don't lay this on them
    on the first date
    might think that you are cheap...

    second thought here:
    say you MB rider are out on that first date
    and her or him that you have just met
    don't seem to be hitting it off just right
    ask him or her if they realize that with all of those savings with not wasting oil
    they could buy you ----- YET ANOTHER MB
    that should be rid of them in a kind way..........

    Anyway -- open for your thoughts ----------- Mountainman
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  2. I changed my oil on Cronus today. I have to admit it was pretty black. First oil change happened at about 1,000 miles. This is mile 3,100 or so.
    I used a straw.
    Few years ago before synthetics,you can get an oil change at the local K mart for under 10 bucks. I should know. I was a K Mart mechanic.
    Nowadays you can't even buy 5 quarts of synthetic for under 10 bucks.
    They say you can keep synthetics in your crankcase longer.
    It still gets just as dirty.
    3,000 miles so it won't get too dirty or too corrosive in your oil pan.
    Lately I don't go by miles because I hardly run my truck.
    I go every 6 months.
    Wife's car every 3,000.
    And I use the regular stuff whatever's on sale.
  3. fetor56

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    Oil is the life-blood of the engine so i change mine to manufacturers specs(or sooner) & don't use a cheap oil..............oils ain't oils. :)
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    www.bobistheoilguy.com is the final source on any oil related topic. You think we are fanatics about motorized bikes, these folks do nothing but live and breath oil discussion.
  5. BoltsMissing

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    I use a "feel and sound" method. ( Instinct)
    There is a distinct sound with new oil. Once that goes I keep an eye on the color. When it starts to go brownish, then wait for it to start going to black, then soon after I change the oil and start the process again.
    Don't ask me how many miles it does with each cycle, I don't keep those type of records. But my 4 stroke lawnmower has been in the family for over 10years and still going.

    A 308 V8 VH Commordore ( Ex Vic Cop hi-way patrol car bought from auctions ages ago) I once owned, did the same.
    Used Valvoline LP Gas engine oil on petrol only engine (Thick) and this thing flew. ( Blue motor with Black motor heads btw)
    Every 2nd oil change I change the filter. ( Used my own set of magnets then)
    Never had problems and I thrashed my cars when I had them.

    The V8 Merc I had, same thing but a bit harder on the sound part, qaulity I guess, but as soon as it went to black, out with the old and in with the new.
    Valvoline LP Gas engine oil always.
    New cars these days, I don't know, not interested so this method may not appply.

    Tefflon additive, IF you can get it, the real stuff, not "what's on the label" makes a huge differance ya notice it on the temp guage and that distinct sound on cold engine starts is "thicker" and takes about 2 minutes longer for the thermostat to open. Then they discotinued this particular brand of Teflon additive. Was canned in Berri if I remember rightly, 1985'ish
    However, a engine re-con place used to despise engines with over treatment of Teflon or oil addidtives, they say it messed with their boring tools cos the Teflon or additive would go "ceramic".
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  6. I agree. Mobil One is so different when you put that in some older cars you literally need to adjust your idle speed.

    But at 6 dollars a quart?

    I'm more into clean oil than trying to go further in that oil INVESTMENT.

    I mean I can get a case of 10-40 for what? 15 dollars these days?

    Mobile One? 6 dollars a quart times 12 quarts.


    The trick to keeping cheap oil is to change it often.

    I like to keep mine non detergent too.

    I tried Synthetic in my engine. Yes it does the job. But I spent 10 bucks for it cause it's 10-40 racing oil and most of it went in my oil can. Castrol 10-40 does the job too.

    I gotta watch my pockets AND keep the maintenance up on my rides.
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  7. terrence

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    I have to change my oil and air filter every 3000 mi due to driving on a lot of dirt roads.
    I think climate/terrain has a lot to due with oil change intervals for bike or autos.
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Besides less wear and easier startups in cold weather (better cold flow properties), the main advantage of synthetics is extended oil change intervals. If you change every 3k with a 1.50 quart oil, then a 15k oil change interval with Mobil 1 for 6 bucks an oil is actually cheaper.

    THe oil I use in my wife's car is Elf Evolution 0W-30. Yes, it costs me about $13/liter from another supplier. It is rated for 25,000 mile oil change intervals but I change it out every 10k until the vehicle warranty expires. Once the factory warranty expires on her car, it will go to 25k oil change intervals with an oil analsyis taken at 15k mile point to make sure it is still good.

  9. sparky

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    Long time ago, I found this site that did oil analyses. It confirmed most people's belief that synthetics are better. It said they were only better after the syn-oil broke down tho. If you were to change a synthetic every 3,000 miles, you'd be wasting your money.

    Well, the synthetic oil still gets dirty, right? Right! That's why it's still important to change your filter every 3,000 miles. And picking a quality oil filter is even more important than a quality oil.

    My method is to use any cheap synthetic oil and a Fram Tough Guard filter. Then at around 4,000 miles, I change the filter and top off the oil. My Corolla has close to 240,000 miles, and she's still purring like the day we met.
  10. terrence

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    Good point sparky. Dirt bad, oil filter change gooooooood. My R/S 35 dosen't have a oil filter to change so i'll still be changing my oil frequently when its turning to the dark side.
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  11. Mountainman

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    hey sparky

    you stated that you change your filter and top off with synthetic oil at 4,000 miles

    how many miles before changing the synthetic oil ? Just wondering here...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  12. sparky

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    Every other 4,000... so 8,000. Every 4,000, I alternate between a change of filter w/ top off and a complete change of oil too. With the amount of miles on my car, I could prolly go 12,000 without a complete oil change, and I doubt Ol' Bessy would fade one bit.
  13. Skyliner70cc

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    Many suspended solids (dirt) in oil filters aren't filtered out by oil filters, they are too small and pass through. A good quality oil filter is easily good for 10,000 miles or 250 hours. If you use a cheap Fram with cardboard endcaps, then 3000 miles or case failure is a good time to change.

    The only way you know if you oil is "DIRTY" is by doing an oil analysis. Looking at it visually is about as usless as tasting it. The oil in my wife's jeep turns dark black after 10-15 miles of driving. The oil is doing its job by suspending carbon that would otherwise get clogged up in passages. Soot loading is a key limitation of her fuel that allowed me to go 10,000 between oil changes and eventually up to 25k between oil changes once her warranty runs out.

    Please go to www.bobistheoilguy.com and do some reading.
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  14. sparky

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    Only thing I remember about good filters at that site was that MobileOne filters were the best. The FRAM Tough Guards were the best I could find at the closest auto parts store, and they're doing the job alright.
  15. HoughMade

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    Even with oil at or above $3 a quart, oil changes are still cheap insurance.

    For our (4 stroke) motored bikes, keep in mind that these little engines are different than auto engines. First, almost none have filtration. Second, almost none used forced lubrication, but use splash lubrication. Third, because they are air cooled, the oil actually, as it is splashing around, performs more of a cooling effect and probably runs hotter than in a car.

    Like I said- cheap insurance.
  16. sparky

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    Yes... back to the MBs.

    Staton's site says the Subaru uses splash type lubrication and the Honda uses pressurized lubrication.

    I heard the Subaru was the only 4-stroke to be used in any position, which seemed to me was because of a pressurized lubrication system.
  17. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The Honda gx31 / 35 is an all angle engine
    I guess you saying Subaru is a typo
    Check the marbles my friend......

    What small engine uses a filter? I don't know of any

    Also all the small Honda and Subaru motors were deigned to be stationary
    engines where as using them on bicycles gives the benefit of air
  18. sparky

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    I just heard the stuff about the Subaru from the guy I bought my bike from and confirmed it with the guy at Subaru who said it could run upside down. Not really a fan of Honda engines, and haven't come across any information of gx31/35.... sooo, just assumed Subaru was the only one.

    Never said a small engine did have one, just suggesting that the benefit of synthetics prolly doesn't come until you've used it long enough, thru multiple filters. This is the White Zone afterall. On an MB, of course... you must change often, and I wouldn't even bother with synthetic for this reason.
  19. Mountainman

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    maybe the point to be made was missed -- just a little

    thinking that many change their car oil -- MORE THAN NECESSARY

    it seems most manufactories recommend now days (every 5 thousand mile oil change)

    with many people still using the old (three thousand miles oil change)

    could this be a massive waste of good oil ??????

    I do the 5 thousand and have been for a long time now...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  20. HoughMade

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    Yes it is. When I managed a rental car agency in the early '90s, we changed every 5,000 miles...and those cars were used HARD. We never had an engine oil related failure and some cars we ran well over 100,000 miles.

    I personally had a GMC S-15 Jimmy that I changed every 5,000 (or more) and it had 188,000 miles when I sold it 4 years ago- and I still see it around from time to time. I fixed some things on it, but never had to touch anything oil related.