Why aren't political threads being deleted?

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    Why isn't Jemma's thread which had some Bush bashing and political ramblings not being deleted?

    If not, why the selected enforcement of the rules?

    So in fairness, here is my political comment:

    Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America
    'Every day brings this nation closer to Nazi-style totalitarian abyss'

    Posted: November 13, 2008
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    WASHINGTON - Because it has abandoned moral absolutes and its historic Christian faith, the U.S. is moving closer to a Nazi-style totalitarianism, warns a former German member of the Hitler Youth in a new book.

    "Every day brings this nation closer to a Nazi-style totalitarian abyss," writes Hilmar von Campe, now a U.S. citizen, and author of "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America."

    Von Campe has founded the national Institute for Truth and Freedom to fight for a return to constitutional government in the U.S. - a key, he believes, to keeping America free.

    "I lived the Nazi nightmare, and, as the old saying goes, 'A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument,'" writes von Campe. "Everything I write is based on my personal experience in Nazi Germany. There is nothing theoretical about my description of what happens when a nation throws God out of government and society, and Christians become religious bystanders. I don't want to see a repetition. The role of God in human society is the decisive issue for this generation. My writing is part of my life of restitution for the crimes of a godless government, of the evil of which I was a part."
    Von Campe grew up under the Nazis, served in the Hitler Youth and fought against the Red Army in the Yugoslavian theater as a tank gunner in the German army. He was captured at the end of the war and escaped five months later from a prisoner of war camp in Communist Yugoslavia.

    "It took me a long time to understand and define the nature of National Socialism," says von Campe. "And, unfortunately, their philosophy continues to flourish under different labels remaining a menace to America and free human society."

    He writes: "The most painful part of defining National Socialism was to recognize my own moral responsibility for the Nazi disaster and their crimes against humanity. It boiled down to accepting the truth that 'as I am, so is my nation,' and realizing that if every German was like me, it was no wonder that the nation became a cesspool of gangsters. This realization is as valid today for any person in any nation as it was then, and it is true for America and every American now."

    Von Campe's message is that political freedom and democratic rules alone are not sufficient to govern humanity justly.

    "Democratic procedures can be subverted and dishonest politicians are like sand in the gearbox, abundant, everywhere and destructive," he writes. "What I see in America today is people painting their cabins while the ship goes down. Today in America we are witnessing a repeat performance of the tragedy of 1933 when an entire nation let itself be led like a lamb to the Socialist slaughterhouse. This time, the end of freedom is inevitable unless America rises to her mission and destiny."

    Von Campe says he sees spiritual parallels among Americans and his childhood Germany.

    "The silence from our pulpits regarding the moral collapse of American society from within is not very different from the silence that echoed from the pulpits in Germany toward Nazi policies," he explains. "Our family lived through the Nazi years in Germany, an experience typical of millions of Europeans regardless of what side they were on. We paid a high price for the moral perversions of a German government, which excluded God and His Commandments from their policies. America must not continue following the same path to destruction, but instead heed the lessons of history and the warning I am giving."

    Specifically, von Campe warns Americans their political leaders are on the wrong footing, "denying our cultural and traditional roots based on our unique Constitution and Christian orientation as a nation. Christians don't understand their mission."
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    VERY SCARY. GLad I don't have kids who are going to be brained washed into obamamites: THIS IS A DRAFT but not a military one...similar to Hitler SS youth corps.


    Emanuel volunteers Americans to do 'a lot'
    'If you're worried about having to do 50 jumping jacks the answer is yes'

    Posted: November 13, 2008
    1:00 am Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    A video of a 2006 interview with now-Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for president-elect Barack Obama reveals plans for mandatory induction for all young adults into a civilian "force."

    "If you're worried about, are you going to have to do 50 jumping jacks, the answer is yes," Emanuel told the interviewer, a reporter who was podcasting for the New York Daily News at the time.

    WND reported last weekend when the official website for Obama, Change.gov, announced he would "require" all middle school through college students to participate in community service programs.

    However, after a flurry of blogs protested children being drafted into Obama's proposed youth corps, officials softened the website's wording.

    Originally, under the tab "America Serves," Change.gov read, "President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in under served schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps.

    (Story continues below)

    "Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year," the site announced.

    WND previously reported on a video of a marching squad of Obama youth and Obama's "civilian national security force," which he said in July would be just as powerful and well-funded as the U.S. military.

    Now comes the Emanuel video, which has been embedded here:

    In the interview, Emanuel was questioned whether participants in the proposed force would live in barracks.

    "Somewhere between the age of 18 to 25 you will do three months of training. You can do it at some point in your college time," he said. "There can be nothing wrong with all Americans having a joint, similar experience of what we call civil defense training or civil service."

    Emanuel said the planned requiring service "will give people a sense of what it means to be an American."

    He said, of course, the plan at that point was flexible.

    "We propose three months [but] at the end of the day [if] someone says it should be four … I'm not going sit here and hold up [plans]," Emanuel said.

    When the reporter questioned the commitment, Emanuel responded, "Guess what. We have a lot more challenges. We are going to need a lot to do it. If you're worried about are you going to have to do 50 jumping jacks the answer is yes."

    He chuckled at the reporters concerns.

    "Rather than figure out if whether you take a train ride or a barrack. … Think of it this way, it will be a common experience.

    "There will be a body of citizens who are ready, capable and trained," he said.

    But the plan, especially its demand that Americans participate in a domestic "force," has been raising questions.

    The blogger Gateway Pundit called Obama's plan the "creation of his Marxist youth corps," and DBKP commented, "'Choosing' to serve should be approved by parents – not required by the government. No amount of good intentions can sugar-coat words like 'mandatory,' 'compulsory' or 'required.'"

    Emanuel uses his book, "The Plan: Big Ideas for America," to specify that he would propose, for all Americans ages 18 to 25, that they "serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service."

    Obama, meanwhile, also has yet to clarify what he meant during his July "Call to Service" speech in Colorado Springs in which he insisted the U.S. "cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set" and needs a "civilian national security force."

    Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WND, used his daily column first to raise the issue and then to elevate it with a call to all reporters to start asking questions about it.

    "If we're going to create some kind of national police force as big, powerful and well-funded as our combined U.S. military forces, isn't this rather a big deal?" Farah wrote. "I thought Democrats generally believed the U.S. spent too much on the military. How is it possible their candidate is seeking to create some kind of massive but secret national police force that will be even bigger than the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force put together?

    "Is Obama serious about creating some kind of domestic security force bigger and more expensive than that? If not, why did he say it? What did he mean?" Farah wrote.

    The Obama campaign has declined to respond to WND questions on the issue.

    But Farah's call generated intense Internet discussions.

    The Blue Collar Muse blog commented, "The questions are legion and the implications of such an organization are staggering! What would it do? According to the title, it's a civilian force so how would it go about discharging 'national security' issues? What are the Constitutional implications for such a group? How is this to be paid. … The statement was made in the context of youth service. Is this an organization for just the youth or are adults going to participate? How does one get away from the specter of other such 'youth' organizations from Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union when talking about it?"

    Taken from www.worldnetdaily.com There are videos which validate this article in Obama's and his Chief of Staff own word!
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    you should take advantage of any mental health care available in your universe.
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    Come now, read your history. Adolf Hitler was a very religious Christian man, a decorated war hero, who led a clean life. He and his organization thought that by killing Jewish people, they were doing God's work, and helping those 11 million men, women and children.

    The United States was founded on freedom, including religious freedom. Many of our founding fathers were Deists, or even Atheists.

    What will bring us closer to being Nazis is saying we all need to be Christian.


    NOW we can delete the thread, lol.
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    Why would we need civil defense training for our kids? We have the most freedom in the world. We have the right to keep firearms, this has kept our Country safe for almost 200 years.

    Surely he meant to say he'd have these kids plant trees or something (like FDR)...

    Unless, wait, does the Democratic Party predict civil unrest for some reason??? What would cause chaos on that level with the mighty (working peoples) Democrats in charge???

    America better wake up! That's why I voted Bob Barr!
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    That dog is going to use the kids to turn in the guns. Get an Obama Star, turn in your parents for gun ownership. We might as well dance and have fun until the mods wake up and spoil it all.
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    Hahaha! The "Fairness Doctrine" on this web site works one way. It's OK if you bash our country, our President and our policies - but you cannot defend our country, President or policies. In other words, be like Obama! This forum is privately owned and operated, so we all checked our right to "free speech" at the door when we signed up. I for one have accepted the fact that most of the moderation staff leans hard left. I post, they delete. LOL

    machiasmort - Oh Bah Mah's proposal is to have "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as our military. I don't think they will be planting trees!
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    Do you really think this place is full of tree hugging leftist that are in denial about the definition of Marxism.
  9. arceeguy

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    I'm going to remain silent, for fear that I will get another "warning" and account suspension. :D

    RATRODER Guest

    Some people just can't help themselves, have fun wile it last!
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    Yes, and he's going to awake a sleeping giant from "within".
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    I don't belong in this thread in the least.....but I really liked the point someone on the net made awhile ago. Something like: whoever brings up Hitler in an argument on the net, automatically loses. Game over.

    This one is classic:

    "Come now, read your history. Adolf Hitler was a very religious Christian man, a decorated war hero, who led a clean life. He and his organization thought that by killing Jewish people, they were doing God's work, and helping those 11 million men, women and children."

    Hitler was NOT a Christian other than perhaps some claim of his..... The NAZI party lied about a lot of stuff and I certainly wonder about the usage of leading a "clean life"......wow....
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    One can make any statement they wish about Adolf Hitler but in the end we are left with this, "Ye shall know them by their fruits".
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    I don't get it. People are against mandatory service to the country in the military but not complaining about forced service in a civilian service? Forced anything goes against the values of the country. Where is the outrage? This carp spews from Big Education (same league as Big Oil) which in many universities across the country force students to "volunteer" as part of the curriculumn. I'm all for volunteering and serving my country but I don't want to be forced to do it by my beloved Dear Leader.

    BTW, the articles posted are not comparing Obama to Hitler. Its just the same conditions that brought that evil man to power exist in out country today and some of Obama's policies (children indoctrinated into some kind of "youth corp") smacks of similarity of what Adolph and other tyrants have done throughout history.

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    you have a private message.

    you should read it!! ;)
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    Stalin was an atheist- 7,000,000+ dead

    I guess that means being a good atheist means starving people to death.
  18. kerf

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    That is certainly enough "fruit" to know him by.
  19. SimpleSimon

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    That tree is barely transplanted, and the roots will only begin to spread from the root-ball come January 20th. Right now, it's a spindly sapling with a few buds which may not survive the blights to come.

    I don't care for either party, and did not support either major party candidate. That said, I for one will watch carefully to see what blossoms forth, and what fruit begin to set. If the fruit be good, I'll be glad of it. If the fruit be wormwood and gall, there is always time to uproot the tree and plant anew.

    In other words - don't presume YOU (or anyone here) knows what will come. You don't.
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    This is called "Godwin's Law", and it refers to someone calling someone else a Nazi in an argument because you have exhausted all other arguments. Don't know if comparing Hitler youth to Obama youth would necessarily fall under that category.