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Tubes Why Did My Tire Blow? Any Detectives Out There?



8) Howziit guys. my bike sat in my car,windows up, 87 degrees, open parking lot for 3 1/2 hours. when i opened the doors, the car's interior was very hot, and the bike frame too hot to handle. i took the bike out of the car and i rode it in the lot for 10 minutes while waiting for my wife to finish work. just pedalling around, since i'd removed my rack mounted engine. when the wife arrived, i folded the bike up, drove home, carried it into my apartment to reinstall the engine kit. i parked the bike in the middle of the room, let the bike set for 3 hours(76degrees room temperature)...then the front tire blew. it scared the dickens outa my dogs and me, who were in the room!
I had new PRIMO tires and tubes installed 2 weeks ago at the bike shop. i set the tire pressure at 100psi, as recommended, on sunday.
just very curious why you guys think the new tire tube blew. i was bummed, as i reinstalled the engine kit and wanted to ride the bike to work this morning.
thanks for any input.



just a guess...maybe there was tire damage from the pedal-trip and you didn't notice it? this could possibly account for a "bubble" of tube being exposed...that's what happened to me on my trip down the coast. if i had more thoroughly inspected the back tire i would have made the trip without any problems.

az cra-z

Watch out for what the tires are rubbing against when you put them in the car. I NEVER get flats when pedaling, but every time I put a bike in a car or truck I get a sidewall scuff that eventually (or quickly) kills the tire.


8) Thanks for tips, guys. the repair shop showed me that the valve stem blew out, a quarter inch above the tube. he said it was a freak accident. i asked him about leaving the bike in the car with 100psi tires. he said it shouldn't have mattered, but said i could run w/80psi. since i bought the tires&tubes from him 2 weeks ago, he replaced the tube free, in a few minutes.
from now on, i'll run 98psi in the tires. :cool:

Roy Carpenter

100 psi

Wow! 100 psi? Forgive me, but those must be some mighty hard tires...lol. Just seems like a lot to me, considering that I inflate my schwinn typhoon cord 1.25's to 30 psi. Heck, ya could almost go scuba diving with one of those things with all that pressure....lol. PS; Should be gettin' my rebuilt rear wheel tomorrow or the next day!!! Yay!!!


Apr 23, 2007
I guess this is on topic, so I will chime in. I run the max pressure listed on my tires. 65psi at present


I was going to say .....

I was going to say the same thing.. 100 psi? Wow !! That is what I run in my road bikes. Is this a road bike? I run 45 maybe 50 on all my other bikes. But..They are not road racers with 700c. with 100psi, I have had a couple of road bike tires slip the bead and blow . A real shot gun blast for sure. I 'll bet the dogs ran !!! Makes me want to run !! A lot of energy at 100psi. 50 is a lot. Enjoy the ride..


i think the best way to run them is what the tires recommend if you dont somethings gonna blow sooner or later maybe 5-7 got fancy tires and tubes that were ment for that kind of pressure


:cool:wow, old post.

yep, they're PRIMO tires. bike shop owner said to drop to 90psi, even though recommended tp is 100psi.

the ride is rock hard on my DAHON. i'll be using OEM tires at 30psi on my cruiser with "twins".