Why didn't I do this sooner?????

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Thatperson, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Why the heck didn't I buy a GEBE from the start? I started with the little HT china girl, then went to a friction drive. I thought about getting a GEBE from the start, but thought that I could save a few bucks and get something cheaper and it would do the same thing. WRONG!

    I just put my kit together this afternoon with the R/S 35 and went for a test drive to make sure it all worked. Well.... over an hour later I decided it was time to head for home. I was just riding it around all over the back streets and such and didn't want to turn around.

    I can honestly say that this will be my last kit that I purchase. There is no need to try anything else. It's quick and easy to put on, no chain tensioner to kill you, no sprocket adapter to try and get straight, just put the ring on the wheel, mount the motor, adjust the belt and have fun!

    You know what, I think that I will go out for another ride right now! See ya all later!

  2. That's pretty much how I feel about mine.
  3. Thatperson

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    Got a question for ya. After you are done riding, do you take tension off the belt, or do you leave it on? I feel that if I leave it on, it will stretch the belt, but if I take it off, I feel that I'll stretch the spring. Seems like a no win situation.

    Also, I just noticed that you live in Erie. I used to live in Kane, Pa. It's about 90 miles south-east of you. Next time I head up that way to visit family, I'll have to see if your around and maybe take the bikes for a trip around Presque Isle.
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    I've had a GEBE for over 2 years and have always left the tensioner on. No problems so far.
  5. I leave the tension on also. Do you relieve the tension on an overhead cam drive belt in a car each night? Ah yes, Kane, the icebox of NW Pa. Are you old enough to remember the Lobo Wolves? I would like to ride with you, but motoring on Presque Isle is now verboten. The Department of Natural Resources (who run the State parks) has banned microbikes, minibikes, unregistered scoots, and motored bicycles. There are other good places to ride, but P. I. was the best.
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    I guess your right about the belt tensioner, I'll leave it engaged from now on.

    Yeah, Kane was such a nice place for weather..:ack2:.... I have personally seen it snow on the 4th of July. As far as the wolves are concerned, I am not old enough to have seen them, but I do know of them. Our high school team is The Wolves.

    That sucks about Presque Isle. I have ridden a normal bike around it before, it was a good time.
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    Heh, it's called mission creep, just kidding, it's the way some of us have taken to reliability. I started a few years back thinking I'd never put more than $200 into a MAB and learned first hand what "false economy" means. Good luck and good riding.
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    I did the same thing. Friction, then SBP (which is a nice system but lots of maintenance) and then the GEBE. Should have started with the GEBE
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    I just read all the post and took the GEBE plunge. It's not cheap but its well worth the money. (especailly with a tanaka 2 stroke pushin hard.) Great service and support that you can count on right here in the USA !! :helmet:
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    Can the GEBE be adapted to run through a SickBikeParts shift kit and back through the drivetrain to the rear cassette so you can change gears.

    It's kind of a worthless system if you can't change gears when hitting a decent hill with 165 lbs of trailer hanging off the back, and not much use even without a trailer.

    Single speed drive systems just don't cut the mustard for those using their bikes as daily transport.

  11. Esteban

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    It boils down to , " You get what you pay for !"
  12. vegaspaddy

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    "it's kind of a worthless system if you can't change gears when hitting a decent hill with 165 lbs of trailer hanging off the back, and not much use even without a trailer."

    I doubt that it could be modified to run with the shifter kits, The Gebe system is set up so that the toothed gears and drive ring provide the correct ratios for the engines torque. you can however adopt the gebe according to your terrain. The #11 & #12 gear are for climbing, the #13 & 14 gear are for speed... so yes you can climb a hill or pull a trailer with your kids or supplies.


    This system has less parts to mess with, less things to go wrong, and although it doesnt use the bikes gears, most of the gears provided will provide plenty of power for the style of riding needed.

    The thread is about how reliable this system is and the ability to change your gear on the go is also a benefit. Most peoples riding, will be done over the same roads day in day out, so you will be able to find the correct gear for your style. However lets say you want to go road trip, by bringing the extra gears you can change them out in a matter of minutes.

    So yes it costs alot up front up to 3 times the price of a china doll but once fitted unlike a china doll the kit will probably last as long as you are able to ride the bike, with just a little tlc.

    Of all the kits i own staton, De, gebe, electric etc, the Gebe is probably the most realible behind my staton friction drive, so i would not call it worthless thats for sure. Like i say don't knock it until you have tried it.........
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    After reading this thread..... I'm going to give the GEBE a go.
    I'm looking to make a third build (got two sons).
  14. Happy Valley

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    Well said.

    Not to mention it fits most states moped regs.
  15. Thatperson

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    I use my bike as daily transport and it works flawlessly. It sounds to me that if you need to run gears to haul that much stuff up and down big hills, you need something more than a bicycle. The way you are talking, you sound like the kind of person who gets a 2 door car and puts 7 people in it then fills the trunk with 500 pounds of cement mix and then wonder why the car has no power.

    You have to remember, these are only bicycles, and the motors are only "assist engines". They are not meant to be run like a farm tractor hauling big loads of stuff all over the country side.
  16. moondog

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    Their website scared me away from them.

    First of all they still say this :

    •Do I need a driver's license to ride one of these?

    No, in most states our kit does not classify as a motor vehicle/moped. Check your local laws to be safe.
    Sadly that is still not true and we have a lot of work ahead of us to make it true.

    Second, they claim:

    •Would a bicycle shop be a good place to take my Eagle for installation?

    No, many bicycle shops have a negative attitude, when it comes to motorizing a bike; they feel everyone should be in Lance's physical condition. If you don't have the time (or the inclination) to do the installation yourself, take the unit to your neighborhood lawn and garden repair - these folks are familiar with engines And which end of the screwdriver to use!


    Having read every bicycle building wheel book I can find scares me away from stressing the spokes on just one side.

    Their kit is for people that have not studied wheelbuilding.

    And we don't use screwdrivers on wheels.

    ( if I am wrong about the ring being hooked to spokes on just one side please let me know )
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  17. moondog

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    They do sell wheels.


    A big problem with motored bikes is wheel failure.

    I have seen many potato chipped wheels from WalMart bikes.

    They sell them at the store not adjusted right and just hitting a pot hole on a bike with no motor can make them potato chip.

    I would suggest buying a heavy duty wheel from GEBE if using a GEBE kit.

    And keep a close eye on the spokes.

    I would not put a GEBE kit on a WalMart wheel, ever.
  18. Thatperson

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    You are right about them only attaching to half the spokes, and also about cheap wheels. But that doesn't mean that as soon as you ride your bike it will fold in half. I have purchased heavy duty wheels with 105 gauge spokes and have also zip tied them. I have over 100 miles on this setup and it runs as true as the day I bought them.

    As far as them saying don't take this to a bicycle shop, that fault is with the shop itself. You can ask just about anyone here about them, only a few shops don't mind bikes with engines, and I mean any engine, not just GEBE setups. Majority of the people at bike stores believe that they are Lance Armstrong and everyone that rides a bike should be too. They say that adding a motor is cheating and punishable by death. (I added that last part, but they sure do act like it)

    If you are worried about adding a GEBE kit to your bike, just ask around here. There are people who put thousands of miles on their bikes. Augidog is one, and bamabikeguy (RIP) is another. Bama took his bike from Alabama to Colorado with very little trouble from the kit. Augidog is taking his bike up to Alaska to visit friends there. Those kinds of people taking those kinds of trips are the proof I needed to convince me that this setup is good and reliable.
  19. moondog

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    I hear you. The reports sound good.

    Their website seems to misinform people about motored bike laws and friction drive.

    We really need to face the truth about motored bike laws and change the laws.

    How can we do that by misinforming people about our legal condition ?

    Why do that ? I hear people bad mouth friction drive a lot and I think they never tried it on a heavy duty moped tire and wheel else they would know how bulletproof friction drive really is !

    Having studied bicycle wheels and wheelbuilding books and building wheels causes me to look at wheels in a different way.

    Stressing the spokes on just one side is a no no.
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    Thatperson did you ever see the You Tube video of Bamabikeguy from Northern Alabama. When I saw that little film I was really sorry I did not opt for the Gebe system. At the time I just didn't like the way the engine looked sitting on that rack behind the rider. Anyway in his video he says he rode from Holly Pond, Alabama to Denver on a little over 12 1/2 gallons of gas. In my book that is ultra reliable, not to mention the lack of vibration from the little 25cc he used. In New York they don't allow homemade gas bikes they have to be on a new york state approved list of gas bicycle manufacturers. Gas bicycles that are complete and ready to ride.