Why do I need a driver's license to ride a motorbike?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I was looking into the MB laws in NE and it said that I need a driver's license to ride a "moped" legally. I don't really get this, you can ride a regular bike faster than these sometimes, and I want to ride my bike ASAP. I'm home-schooled, so I can't get a school permit. I just kinda want to know what you think. Please answer, thanks!

    Kestrel Motors Inc.

    (That's the laws I saw...)

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    Different states have different laws, some mention mopeds, electric, etc. but few spell out about MB's specifically. Alabama is one or those states that do. No license, no registration, no tag. Rules are...150cc or less, minimum age 15, wear a helmet, lights if riding at night, and obey road rules, and you are good to go.
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    Here is the definition of a moped, for Nebraska..

    And here is the statute about needing a DL...

    So it looks like you hit the nail on the head...

    P.S. Those are both copy and pasted directly from NE's statute pages..

    You need a DL.. It's weird tho... You need a DL, but don't need a registration or title..
    Kinda messed up, if you ask me!
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  4. Yeah, I know, I figured that in NEBRASKA they wouldn't care that much, heck, people here still drive '50's farm trucks around in the harvest season (at least my family does). I looked through all the laws and never even noticed the part about DL, then spotted it the other day and I was just like "****..."
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    Maybe they figure that if you have a drivers license that you would know the rules of the road and have some experience behind the wheel. Hense you would be sharing the road with in most cases with larger vehicles. Probably just a safety/awareness thing.
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    Al in AL 150cc or less no reg or ins or DL is needed. Would that apply to a 125/150cc m/c? I'd put that to good use with the nice weather you guys have year round. In CO its 50cc or above its a full blown m/c and you pay the full bill.
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    You don't need a license if you can defend yourself in court. (and no lawyer will help you in court. Which is a huge problem)

    The scam is, is the police will presume with no evidence you are engaged in 'transportation' (legal term) Those laws don't apply to you in normal circumstances. But most of us follow them anyway to stay out of jail and to avoid fines.
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    NO Alabama spells out that bicycles with a 150cc or less engine. Not only a license but also a endorsement for motorcycles on that license.
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    Laws vary widely from state to state-- some states define MBs as mopeds requiring a title, a plate, insurance, AND a motorcycle license endorsement. Wisconsin states as long as it's under 49cc AND still has operational pedals, you just need a DL-- the bike itself does NOT need a title or plate, either.

    Why does NE require a minimum of a standard DL? Well, because they feel like it. Are you above the law because you think it's a stupid law and you are impatient to ride your bike? No, you are not above the law. If you ride anyway, you might not ever get caught, but if you do get caught, be prepared to have to pay fines and maybe even have your bike impounded.
  10. Every state has different laws. The Driver's license requirement for MBs in many states was added when it was noticed a lot of people who had lost their licenses, especially because of DUIs, were simply switching from cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc to driving motored bikes. Losing their license was both a punishment and a way to prevent them from continuing to drive under the influence and endangering themselves and others, so circumventing the rules and continuing to drive by switching to a MB is prevented by requiring a license. I hope this helps you to understand the rational behind requiring a driver's license to operate a MB.
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    Is that true? I'm asking because I assumed they just wanted to prevent kids from injuring themselves.

    If the objective was to punish those who lost their licenses, that's dumb. On a MB, they're not much danger to anyone else. It's enough punishment that they can't drive. As a society, we are better off if they are still able to get to work/school/wherever.
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    I don't know if it is so much to "punish" people who've lost their licenses, but simply to restrict MOTORIZED vehicles to licensed drivers of any age. It's easier to enforce "all motorized vehicles require a license" than it is to deal with exceptions and caveats based on motor size, pedals or no pedals, and dozens of other potential variances.

    As for getting to work after losing a license-- I was without my car for about ten months while I was saving up for an expensive repair, and I took the bus. Getting to and from work was nearly five hours of my day, but I still did it.
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    Same here..
    About 5 hour round trip...
    Bus to train to bus to work
    Then work to bus to train to bus to home.

    And yes, it is a punishment... Plain and simple..
    It's stupid to restrict people from driving because of monetary status, which is the other main reason (other than DUI/DWI) that people's licenses get taken away...