Tires Why do people Spend so much on tubeless tires?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Avjzkmvv, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Avjzkmvv

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    Why spend Huge Bucks $ on tubeless wheels? Why not just spend some extra $ on even lighter non tubeless and go stans or go ghetto?

    I understand the benefits of tubeless (less mess). But I mean wouldn't it still be cheaper to buy lighter (better) non tubeless wheels then to spent tons on tubeless??

  2. DougC

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    I've not owned either but have read a lot.

    The UST (Universal System for Tubeless) rims & tires do seal better than the Stans/conversion setups, I am told. In particular, the UST rims do not have the problem of "burping" nearly as bad as the Stans-like conversions do. Everyone who has made the transition from a conversion to UST says that.

    ("burping" is when you are riding an MTB off-road using a tubeless conversion and you have the air pressure really low, and a bump causes enough tire deflection to knock the tire's bead off the rim. The tire instantly deflates when this happens. Nothing is permanently damaged, but it's a bummer to have to deal with)

    The UST rims are still pretty expensive though, and so are the tires. The rims and spokes are at least $150 or so per wheel, and most of the (few) tires I've seen were up around $80. You must use special spokes on the tubeless rims, as the spoke holes are blind (they don't pas all the way through the rim).

    There is a UST system for road bicycles too but very few people are using it, much less % than the MTB riders.