Why do we try , Because it is there !

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    many years ago older engines were open to all types of mods,changes and alterations to make them perform better.. Modern technology allows for very little advance over what some very smart people have produced. By all means not let us stifle innovation but let us see that the modern product is pretty damn good when purchased. Production line methods dictate that not all products off the line are bad most are great...We do not spend a lot of money to buy our engines and should I think be thankful that we can motor along on a bicycle without peddaling very much. New members should take advise and temper it with a bit of common dog..The help that I have gotten from the Forum is exceptional. If starting out do not try to have the best damn thing since sliced bread ,give it a go off the shelf as it were if you like it embrace it,if not no expensive harm done..The cheapest,most fun filled,challenge,hobby of ego stroking,thing that one can do given the expensive world we live in.. GO Motorized Bikes,Be Happy and Be Safe..

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    yes, many improvements over last couple of years

    I've got 20 or so real NGK plug caps on the shelf, but haven't had a bad kit cap all year.
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    Well said! I've got a couple of stock 2-stroke kits and although they like to chomp through bicycle parts* they function really well. I had a 50cc motorbike but ended up selling it and sticking to my MABs; lighter, faster, cheaper and more fun to ride!

    *Three wheels, two tyres and one frame so far!
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    yep, really modern, the same design from circa 1950. earlier even. suzuki started off by making the motorised bike kit engines way back around then... and not much has changed internally.

    which is good, the parts stay relatively the same if you stick to one model rather than this urge to keep bringing out a newer better, shinier model every year thats really a retrograde on the previous model...

    or maybe youre referring to a denardis/morini type motor thats maybe a bit more modern, around about 80's level of development?

    or possibly lil hondas and the like, the mini four poppers? maybe new, but not really that advanced yet.

    most that modern technology has done for them is make them so cheap and abundant that just about anyone can buy one, unfortunately...not everyone knows how they work and get upset when they dont :jester: