Why does engaging clutch kill engine?



I thought I had misunderstood some messages buried somewhere in this forum that had mentioned that the rider did not bother with the kill switch because they simply engaed tyhe clutch (i.e., they pulled the clutch handle).

then I got my 80cc going and that's how it worked! i pull in the clutch and the engine dies, which works out fine since there's no low end torque with my 80cc and I need to pedal from a stop.

But with IC engines typically the engine idles quite easily when the cluch is pulled because there is no load on the engine , right?

Austin, TX


you should probably check the idle screw and make sure its turned up high enough because if when u pull the clutch in (disengage the clutch) the motor should indeed idle on its own...

the way people were stopping the engine was slowing down to a stop then engaging (letting the handle loose) the clutch to cause the engine to die.
a kill switch is a much safer way to stop the engine though as it does not stress any mechanical parts.

so i would recommend u turn the idle screw up a few turns start the bike and then pull in the cluth and adjust the idle to taste.