Why does everyone laugh at me???

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by wesb1023, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. wesb1023

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    I think its because they want a motor on thier bicycle!!!! LOL! :grin5: I have my BMP kit and I am waiting on my engine, all I have done is told my friends what my plans were and they wont stop laughing at me!!!! Anyway I was wondering if anyone with a BMP kit with a honda gx35 have had any problems, minor or major?

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    People on horseback laughed at the first pedal bicycle, until the bicyclist parked it and walked away. It took a while for some people to realize he didn't have to feed, water and stable it, or pick up the stuff horses leave behind.

    Some people laugh and try to ridicule you because of envy. Some know they'll never have the nerve or skill to ride one. Others compare MB's to cars, motorcycles and mopeds and think you look slow.

    Hardly anyone compares you to an ordinary bicycle.

    Once you hit cruising speed, all laughing will cease.:bowdown:

    If you have a high-powered MB that can leave cars and mopeds at the stoplight, no one will laugh, especially the moped owners.:bowdown:
  3. a/c man

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    I have teen age sons who used to laugh at me at the beginning.
    Once they rode my bike the laughing stopped.
    Very soon the smile that comes from within you while you ride will
    make you hardly give a squat about what anyone thinks.
    Trust me, this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  4. Lazieboy

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    Smokin Mopeds

    5-7 I havnt tried to take a scooter at a stop light yet. But my low end sux takes a 1/2 block to get to full speed. unless i kick in the Turbo (heavy pedeling). Have you raced scooters ?
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Shift Kit!

    The key to acceleration and top speed is the shift kit or a NuVinci hub, connected to a powerful engine. :bowdown:

    Whereas most MB's have constant gear ratios of 18.75:1(Staton) or 18.26:1(Happy Time with 44t sprocket), the shift kit or the NV hub can produce varying ratios of ultra-stump-pulling or "holeshot" acceleration ANNNNND freeway overdrive gearing ratios.

    I wasn't actually "racing" the scooter. I wanted to find out if I could accelerate faster than the scooter and normal commuters waiting at the traffic light. There was no contest; acceleration was brutal. I have a ported Tanaka 47R engine, which wanted to throw me off the bike on every powershift.:sweatdrop: Top speed is 39mph with stock muffler and short-shifting. When I install the Tanaka pipe and wind out the engine, it'll go faster if needed.

    However, it's how fast I get to the speed limit is what satisfies me.:tt1:

    My first gear is 41.65:1 ratio. Too much of a granny gear, unless I'm climbing a grassy knoll. I can jump off the light in second gear, which is 33.85:1, third is 28.64:1, all the way thru 8th gear, which is 14.32:1. By that time, I'm cruising at the speed limit. In about 4 seconds, the scooter and the cars catch up and pass me by. I don't want to get caught breaking the speed limit. I MIGHT have to pay for that ticket.

    My friend Rick has an 18.75:1 Staton gearbox, sprocket and a NV hub. His mind-bending low gear is 62:1! His high gear is 8.85:1. Using my GP460 engine and an ADA S1 pipe, top speed on the flats is 47mph, 57mph downhill.

    Now that's crazy!:jester:
  6. wesb1023

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    Ok guys I dont think I will be racing anyone from a stop. Got my bike together today and I am happy with the top speed, almost 32MPH but it takes 4EVER to get there. I agree that the setup I have is a pedal assist, maybe I should have invested in the larger engine. What are my options now? Anything I can do to this setup to beef it up a bit?
  7. Skyliner70cc

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    I wouldn't worry about it unless you are grossly overweight than I'd understand if they did.
  8. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    If you are currently using the 1.25" roller, you can switch it out for the 1" roller.
    That will give you more torque to get going, but reduce your top speed.
  9. unior

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    gx35 is underpowered imho

    I'm sure many will jump in to say: "its lightweight and has less vibration."

    Just remember theres no replacement for displacement.
  10. unior

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    Back on topic. Disregard laughter when your doing something you enjoy. You'll never outrun a car...but you'll save a helluva lot of gas money and keep the air clean for your kids someday...although I still havn't found a female that wants to ride on pegs :whistling:
  11. GearNut

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    Let her sit on the handlebars!
  12. wesb1023

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    Has anyone had a gx35 to seem to gain power the more you run it? Mine seems to have picked up a bit, it does not lug as much. I dont know, I weigh 210lbs, I like the honda engine because of the fact that it is 4 stroke and very dependable. I had a hard time choosing my engine, the gx35 or the hf 52cc. I cant help but wonder how the hf engine would run. I am tempted to go get one and try it!! But then again, not sure how dependable it would be.:ack2:
  13. GearNut

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    As any engine breaks in it will develop more power. After the break in period they will maintain a steady reliable level of power.
    All engines tend to run at their best just before they blow up from being worn out. It is a sad irony.
  14. Bonefish

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    I've got the earlier version Honda... The gx31 and I have two HF 52cc engines. The HF 52cc has alot more holeshot. It is a two stroke though and made it China. I haven't had any problems with it though, and it did eat a Made it the U.S.A. gearbox up. Not the engines fault.


    Many flats fishermen will chose a 2 stroke over a 4 stoke because it allows them to get up on plane quicker in shallower water so they don't bury the prop in the mud/grass. Same applies to bicycles, It will allow you to arrive at top speed quicker.

    Remember though, the HF waterpump does not come with clutch, the auger does, but clutch will/can fit the waterpump.