Why editing profile, adding LOCATION, is important

Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by bamabikeguy, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. bamabikeguy

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    Altitude and topography affect engine performance.

    A lot of folks put their location in the intro thread, but it is not in their profile. Somebody has to do a lot of searching to jolt their memory about "who is where...."

    Giving answers and solutions could be a lot easier if we could just look in the upper right of the side of a post and see "where the heck are you !? "

    Aussies can give fellow Oz'ers better advise because we in the states don't know the little quirks, (much less the metric system and local tool-lingo), a Canadian will come forward with faster advise for a fellow countryman. If I see somebody within 3 hours ride, I can give particular directions to a decent bicycle shop, (because there are ONLY 3, the rest of the bikeshop guys are jerks).

    Some simple recommendations that work on the coastline are a no-go up in the Rockies or Sierras, because other tweaks are needed.

    It only takes a few seconds to edit your profile and add your location.

    Another benefit of editing, it makes meeting up with an MB neighbor a lot simpler. Or the local MBexperts may get more involved in helping you in your pursuits.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    it's more than just a suggestion -- it's a great idea
    many times this information has been needed
    so we go to a MB er's profile to try and find out said information -- location !!
    then sometimes it's not even in their profile !!!

    we don't know where you are riding that thing !!!!
  3. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I asked/said this many times. It really does help! Let's put it this way - it helps way more than any potential harm. Even if you put a region because you are too afraid to enter your state.....

    Some folks have stated a security concern(?), big brother, no need, etc - I guess I'm just not that tightly wrapped.
  4. loquin

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    There shouldn't be any security concern with listing the state. (and, probably not much of a concern to list city/state.)
  5. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Well, the suggestion doesn't seem to be having much effect....

    Looking at the registration page, maybe a request, bolded and possibly in red, could be added? Or a prompt at the location-fill in spot?

    It really does make it easier when the veterans of the forum can point a thread toward the MBer's they know are local experts.

    e.g. "PM so & so, he lives close to you"